Good Deed: Two Kids from Lucena Returned Missing Phone

It’s not everyday we come across stories about honesty. But, these two children restored my faith in humanity.

Our good vibes for today is brought to us by two kids from Lucena, who surrendered an iPhone they found inside the bus while selling Sampaguita. (Sampaguita is the national flower of the Philippines)

honest kids from lucena

According to the post shared by the Lucena Cps Quezon Ppo entitled: “HONEST KIDS SURRENDERED ONE IPHONE FOUND INSIDE A BUS,” the kids’ names are: Richele Aringo and Cael Japor Hepe.

honest kids from lucena

They found the iPhone inside a bus on Saturday, May 28, at the Grand Central terminal in Lucena City.

The honest kids said that there were people offering to buy it from them. However, the two decided to just surrender the missing phone to the police station.

You may read the full story below:

HONEST KIDS SURRENDERED ONE IPHONE FOUND INSIDE A BUS : At about 12:55 PM of May 28, 2016 two (2) honest kids named Richele Dutaro Aringo and Cael Japor Hepe arrived to this Police station and surrendered one (1) IPHone which they saw inside a parked passenger bus at around 10:00 AM of the same date, at Grand Central Terminal, Barangay Ilayang Dupay, Lucena City. According to the kids they were inside the bus and selling sampaguita when they saw the IPHONE on one of the vacant chairs. Upon sensing that the owner could have forgotten it, they took the initiative to report the incident to this office even if other adults who have learned of the situation tried to buy it from them. Upon learning of the good deeds the kids showed PSUPT JOEL L DE MESA, Chief of Police, gave them a monetary reward and advise them to spend the money wisely for their needs.

As mentioned in the post, the Lucena City Police Station is now exerting efforts to locate and identify the real owner of the said gadget.

Ultimately, their good deed has been rewarded. They were given monetary support by Lucena City Police Chief Joel de Mesa.

Personally, I hope they would be given the same attention as those instant Internet stars like CarrotMan and Badjao Girl. I hope someone would give them scholarships as well to pursue education.

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