Golden State Warriors Extend Win To 11-0; Remains Undefeated In The Season

The Golden State Warriors are fired up!!!
The current reigning NBA champs just won against the Brooklyn Nets, 107-99, in an overtime game to push their winning record to 11 wins and no loses, remaining undefeated in the season.
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Stephen Curry led the Warriors, sinking 34 points and adding 6 assists. While Draymond Green scored a triple-double record: 16 points, 10 rebounds, and 12 assists.
The Warriors were off to a rough start, trailing behind the Nets by 15 points at the first quarter.
But the warriors took the stage during the second quarter, taking advantage of free throws to cut down the Nets’ previous lead.
By halftime, the Nets are only up by 2 points, 54-52.
Things got heated up at the second half. Still trailing behind the Nets in the third quarter, the Warriors finally got ahead after a 9-0 run in the fourth quarter, giving them a 3 point lead, 85-88, with still 5 minutes in the clock.
It was the last 9 seconds of the fourth quarter was truly heart-stopping, especially for the warriors. Behind by 3 points, the warriors had no room for a blowout. At 5 seconds, Andre Igoudala sank the basket the warriors were looking for, pushing the game into overtime.
The overtime game was all in for the Golden state warriors.  The warriors scored a total of 10 points, while the Nets only scored 2 points to bring the game to an end at 107-99 in favor of the Warriors.
The warriors win isnt the only celebration going on that evening; it was also the celebration of the Filipino heritage night that they were hosting.
What did you think of the game? Were you expecting the Golden State Warriors to win?

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