Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila: A Multisensory Experience for the Perfect Slumber

Sleep is a luxury and nowadays, most people can’t afford it.

We live in this culture of noise where being constantly busy or on-the-go is glorified. Some people have a hard time shutting down this noise even at night, making it difficult to rest and causing a sinking, groggy feeling the next morning. Lack of sleep has adverse effects on your body, affecting the way you interact with people and the way you function, in general.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Enter Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila.

Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila brands itself as the Sleep Sanctuary, meaning it is a safe haven to go into a deep, peaceful slumber. Rightfully so, because they invested in many things that soothe guests even further to enhance their sleeping experience. They do this because they believe that everyone needs sleep to function well. Wherever you are – at a concert in MoA Arena, at a casino around Pasay, or even coming in from a flight; if you’re in need of a place to crash , this hotel provides the best just to make you feel rejuvenated and full of energy for the following day.

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I have tried checking in the Sleep Sanctuary and I can vouch that everything was truly calming. It targets the 5 senses of the human body to make the increasingly difficult ordeal of being still and falling asleep easier. Here’s my experience:

Sight: Minimalist Design

The whole hotel’s interior is very simple yet elegant. They say that simplicity is the best and Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila embodies that.

Since a lot of objects and popping colors usually distract people more, they chose subtle colors and placed fewer things in each room to ensure a relaxing view given by the serenity of the spacious room and the pleasing colors to the eyes.

Hearing: Calming Music

No sanctuary is complete without the sound of nature. Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila has an iPhone dock with speakers in each room, so that guests can play calming music and soothing tunes as they fall asleep.

They even suggested to play “Weightless by Marconi Union” for maximum effectivity because this tune was done in collaboration with sound therapists. Its artistically arranged harmonies, rhythms, and bass lines enter your brain and biologically tell it to declutter your thoughts and forget about anxiety and stress by reducing blood pressure and slowing down heart rate. Who knew music can have such scientific meaning to it?

Smell: Natural Oils

Upon checking in at Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila, the staff will ask if you prefer Bamboo or Peppermint oil for your room. They will then place your oil of choice in a potpourri oil burner that effectively spreads the scent throughout the room. It also serves as a lovely night lamp!

These two scents are known to keep damp smells and replace it with an earthy odor that amplifies drowsiness. As soon as you enter the room, you will smell the fragrance of the oil that will make you want to stick around inside and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Touch: Soft Beds and Pillow

Naturally, the bed is crucial to ensure the perfect power sleep. You will often look for soft beds, pillows, and comforters to feel the luxurious wonders of a bed. Well, Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila procured the finest beds and pillows (as per their partnership with Uratex) available specifically for this reason.

*Their bathrobe is made out of high quality cotton, too. Wearing this will make you feel like royalty!

Taste: Rewarding Breakfast Buffet

Now comes the waking up part. After a full relaxing sleep, you’ll probably look for something to eat and drink as preparation for a long day. Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila offers a complimentary breakfast buffet at their in-house Gold Spices Restaurant that will surely waken your senses.

They serve heavy meals and traditional breakfast items, as well as fruit juices and a selection of coffee on the side. Since this is a Chinese-owned hotel, they prepare Chinese meals, too, such as congee, siopao, siomai, and many more. After eating at Gold Spices Restaurant, you will surely be ready to make your plans happen.

Gold Spices Restaurant is also open to serving ala carte meals during lunch and dinner.

In Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila, you’re not just paying for a room; you’re paying for a curated experience that touches on the different senses. Their goal goes beyond providing your basic needs. Above all that, they just want you to live a quality life—by getting the ideal amount of sleep. So sleep with them.

Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila

Oceanaire Bldg., CBP D. Macapagal,, Sunrise Dr, Pasay

0917 817 9151




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