Golden Creative Voices Awards at the CVAP Anniversary: A Celebration of Exemplary Voice Artists

For decades, voice acting has been a thriving industry in the Philippines. It has produced world-renowned voice artists but has yet to be recognized by the country’s voice acting community, which is frankly a missed opportunity.

The lack of appreciation for exemplary voice artists and their contribution to building the world of voice acting as we know it, demands an urgent change. Under the Society of Certified Voice Artists, an award-giving body was organized to fulfill this duty and give credit to those who deserve it. With the tutelage of  Pocholo “The Voicemaster” Gonzales, the Executive Board of the Certified Voice Artist Program established the Golden Creative Voices Awards.


The Golden Creative Voices Awards is an awards ceremony that recognizes the outstanding contributions of the members of the Philippines’ voice acting industry. It honors outstanding individuals who have molded the industry through the use of their voice to inspire, empower, and motivate the people.


On the 1st Anniversary of the Certified Voice Artist Program (CVAP), the first-ever Golden Creative Voices Awards was held and given to the pillars of the industry and exceptional voice artists of this generation. 


This year, Danny “Ama” Mandia and Lucy Quinto were chosen to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award for their years of dedication and service that helped shape the young voice artists of the country. 


Danny’s diverse experience in both the theater and dubbing world catapulted him towards decades of expertise while training thousands of dreamers and beginners. Some of his notable works as a prominent dubbing director include Magic Knight Rayearth, Peter Pan, Voltes V, Digimon, Heidi, Zenki, Bananas in Pajamas, Meteor Garden, and Love Scar. He was also a professor in Miriam College, Trinity College, and De La Salle-College of St. Benilde which exhibits his passion for educating aspiring voice artists.


While Lucy worked tremendously with many known films in the Philippines at the sound department as a dubbing supervisor. “Ang Panday 2” “Shake Rattle and Roll 12” “Captain Barbell” “9 Mornings” “Anak” “Jose Rizal” are just some of her countless works. The Dubbing Queen mentioned in numerous interviews her own journey to voice acting. She willingly gives tips and techniques for voice acting, challenges, voice acting opportunities, and inspiring messages to Filipino voice artists. 


Kathleen Kaye Sone a.k.a Voiceover Flowers was chosen to receive the award for Most Outstanding and Influential Voice Artist of the Philippines as one of the top voice artists today and has used her influence to promote voice artistry. With 164,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel and more than a million on her TikTok account, Kathleen soars to fame with most of her content about voice acting.


Shay Mitchell with her recent work on the first Filipino Netflix animation “Trese” and Eric Bauza, the man who gave us some of these iconic voices like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Marvin the Martian just to name a few, are awarded the Most Outstanding and Influential Voice Artist International. These individuals behind the voices of iconic characters were given the said award in honor of their continuous efforts in igniting the spark of future aspiring voice artists and dubbers in the international scene.


Last but not least are Noel Magat, Joe Placiego, and Ester Chavez with the Legendary Voice Artist Tribute to commemorate their life’s work and passion for their craft even at the very end. This award was given to commemorate them as even in their passing, the new generation of voice artists shall remember and honor their names.


Aside from the Golden Creative Voices Awards, the 1st Anniversary of CVAP also held an awards ceremony for their graduates and their exemplary work. The Executive Board of the CVAP selected 20 top Certified Voice Artists (CVAs) to honor and celebrate on the event.


The stories of the T20, as they are called, were featured on the online event. From a magician to a digital marketing expert, the T20 were a diverse group of CVAs that excelled in the industry not just by gaining numerous projects but, ultimately, by striving to live by the CVAP mantra, someone out there needs to hear my voice, and by using their voice to inspire, empower, and motivate.


Here are the Top 20 Certified Voice Artists celebrated and gloriously honored on the 1st Anniversary of the Certified Voice Artist Program:


  1. Richard Abalos, aka The Rich Voice, a former hotelier, restaurateur, and OFW, now one of the CVAP pioneers marking his name in the world of voice acting and in the online event industry as a professional host.


  1. Joshua Anthony Simeon, aka The Voice Scout, is a former ESL teacher who risked his job in his pursuit of voice acting and is now one of the top-performing CVAP graduates.


  1. Rene Vincent Torralba, aka EnVoice, is a successful businessman and an advocate for local entrepreneurs who found voice artistry to channel his creative side.


  1. Pau Castillo, aka AiVoice, is a digital marketing specialist, professional host, and a proud CVAP alumna also venturing the scene as an entrepreneur


  1. Bryan Dave Perez, aka ViBryant Voice, is a student leader, youth advocate, public speaker, and an up-and-coming filmmaker who uses his vibrant voice to inspire other young people to make a difference.


  1. Janeane Santos, aka The Golden Voice, is a registered nurse by profession, a gifted singer by nature, and a CVA by heart.


  1. Jazmine Estorninos, aka Jaz my Voice, is an influencer, professional host, print/digital ad model, and a dreamer with a voice that inspires.


  1. Harlem Jude Ferolino, aka Voice Pappy, is a content creator, program host, and leader who encourages young people to speak up and participate in creating positive social change.


  1. Kate De Vera, aka DeliKate Voice, is a public relations practitioner and events host with a passionate drive for voice artistry.


  1. Lyn Gonzalez, aka Kween of the Voice, is one of the event industry stalwarts, the voice-caster, and the voice of opportunity for aspiring voice artists.


  1. Dyanne Rivera, aka Voice Esquire, stands out from dreams to reality, from mimicking voiceovers in games to becoming a successful CVA.


  1. Faith Pastrana, aka The VOZZ, is an entrepreneur, host, digital media specialist, scriptwriter, producer, and CVA who strived despite the challenges.


  1. Mac Florendo, aka Voice Whiz, a magician, food rescue advocate, and video creator engrossed with production work that led him to voice artistry and opportunities as a CVA in sharing others’ story as well as his own


  1. Champagne Thea Cabido, aka Sparkling Voice, is an academic scholar and student council leader who discovered her potential in voice artistry and now a Certified Voice Artist sharing her voice to the world.


  1. Lloyd Loderico, aka Atomic Voice, a CVA making his own mark in the industry with his constant desire to improve and take chances.


  1. Julius Niel Piala, aka piaLAV UR VOICE, is a communications and media educator and practitioner who found voice artistry as a way to rediscover himself and maximize his potential.


  1. Basil Fetil, aka Our Limitless Voice, is an operations manager of Disney Cruise Line’s private island who is now pursuing his childhood dream to be the voice of cartoon characters with local and international projects.


  1. Tumnic Balabat, aka The Nick of Voice, is an IT Consultant who knows nothing about voiceovers and dubbing beforehand nonetheless destiny has found him hence the beginning of his voice acting journey.


  1. Mitzie Coleen Aguinaldo, aka The Voice Royalty, is a powerhouse singer, host, medical technologist in-training, and CVA that continues to inspire young people like herself to maximize their potential.


  1. Angelica Maglanoc, aka The Voicespire, is an educator, businesswoman, and a former youth volunteer who found her purpose through voice acting with CVAP igniting her passion to be the woman she has become.


The online celebration was truly a night full of stars and their stories that illuminated not only their passion for voice acting but also the path for aspiring voice artists watching from their own homes. That night, the awardees recreated the history and proved that as a voice artist, they’re not only a cog in the system but someone who’s greater than the sum of it.


There are many reasons to celebrate this joyful occasion but at the end of the day, it is a celebration of everyone who continues to share their voice and use it to help others. 

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