Gold Stack PH: Say Hello to Honey Butter Potato Chips!

Love potato chips as much as I do? Then you’ll love this breakout product from Gold Stack PH that I recently discovered: Honey Butter Potato Chips.

Gold Stack PH Potato Chips

Photo by Chef Michelle Yu

I know, I know. “Honey Butter Potato Chips” sounds strange. To be honest, it also tastes “strange” – not in a bad way, though. It’s just a really unique flavour for me in that I had never tasted anything like it before.

I knew it was good at first bite, but it took me a few chips before I really fell in love with the stuff. Now, I’m so into it, I always have a can next to my bed for sudden munchie needs.

The honey butter flavour for potato chips was first introduced in Japan and became a big hit all over Asia, especially in South Korea, where there has been a constant shortage of supply due to the high demand for the unique flavor these potato chips offer. Who could resist crispy potato chips with a sweet butter aroma and a touch of honey goodness?

Gold Stack PH happens to be the first to bring and introduce this flavor for potato chips to the Philippine market, though. Their goal? To provide delicious premium potato chips that cater to the Filipino tastebuds. Hooray for a new snack craze in Manila!

Gold Stack PH Potato ChipsPhoto by Chester Ng

Gold Stack PH Potato Chips

Photo by Chef Michelle Yu

Gold Stack PH‘s Honey Butter Chips are perfect for people who aren’t necessarily into salty snacks, but like munching on something while watching movies, working, for merienda, or anything, really. I’m a fan of caramel popcorn and like the crunch of chips, but usually get tired of the former pretty easily because it’s too sweet and of the latter because they’re too salty. Gold Stack PH is the perfect combination of fun and crunchy and they don’t go overboard with the sweetness, either. It was just right for my own sweet tooth needs.

Gold Stack PH Potato Chips

Photo by Carina Castillo

The best part? You don’t have to feel guilty when you munch on these chips because they don’t have any preservatives, trans fat or cholesterol in them. Plus, they are ISO, HACCP, BRC and HALAL certified. Try them out today and see if you’ll become a honey butter chip convert, too!

As of today, Gold Stack Honey Butter Chips are available at the following 57 stores nationwide:

Gold Stack PH also accepts online orders. Or, you can try your luck and win some by filling out this Rafflecopter form:

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