Goats cross the street in Roxas city, we’re convinced Noah’s Ark is being built

Are the animals being called? Is nature “healing”? Are we being pranked? The more news comes out that animals are on the loose, the more confused I am. Are they just responding to the fact that less people are out? Is there a nature’s calling that all of us humans are missing out on because we’ve destroyed the ecosystem? Are the animals converging somewhere?

Is it Noah’s Ark?

I have a million questions and 0 answers so far.

In Roxas City, Facebook user Maria Angelica Mandario was able to capture a small herd of goats crossing the street from what looks to be a shopping mall. The goats seem relaxed as they cross the street, calm as they traverse towards their destination. Where exactly? Who knows. Maybe where the ostrich is, or the pig, or the cow.

Check out the pictures and post below:


Even passers-by look confused. We don’t blame them. Good luck, goats. Safe travels.

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