Go With the FLOW: Surf Samba Yoga Retreat Boracay 2013

When in Manila, go with the FLOW at the surf, yoga, samba weekend retreat!

FLOW is a one-of-a-kind getaway that advocates a happy, healthy and creative lifestyle that can be enjoyed by anyone looking to breakaway from the daily grind of city life. The retreat offers a mix of activities that engage the body, stimulate the creative mind and refresh the spirit. 



Meet the FLOW team: (L-R) Monica Eleazar-Manzano, Noelle Hilario, Denise Gonzales-Bernardo are the three happy mommies behind the retreat



This year’s FLOW event took place on the powdery white sands of Boracay where participants from all over the world flew in for three days of surf, samba and yoga!




The FLOW girls with surf guru, Paolo Soler


With the help of the Philippine Surf Academy (PSA) Boracay chapter , FLOW participants got to attend a surfing workshop led by Paolo Soler. Participants were briefed on safety precautions and the basics of surfing. Even though a majority of the participants were first timers, with the help of the PSA instructors, even the most hesitant surfers were able to catch a wave!


Paolo gives a very thorough demonstration of how to paddle and stand on the surfboard.




One of the PSA surf instructors is ready to hit the waves!



Even beginner surfers were able to stand on their boards with the help of the instructors



Stephanie from Singapore is stoked about her first time FLOW surf experience!




Local surf legend Luke Landrigan tests out the waves with the little one



Monica demonstrates one of the long pose stretches for Yin Yoga


Certified yoga instructor, Monica led a relaxing Yin Yoga session right on the beach front. The quiet early morning session was a perfect way to start the day right, sculpting the mind and body into a supple state to face a full day ahead. Yin Yoga, which is a static form of yoga, is Monica’s favorite  because it emphasizes letting go and deep breathing while holding long stretch poses.



Monica explains the principles behind Yin Yoga to a handful of sleepy participants that awoke for the early morning session



The long stretches proved to be an exercise in controlling the mind, body and breathing.


Monica adds ingredients to the super healthy and delicious green smoothie


At FLOW, participants learn that healthy eating is not only important but extremely easy to do, especially with the abundance of healthy fruits and vegetables readily available in the Philippines! Advocates of healthy living and eating, Monica, Noelle and Denise conducted a “green smoothie” workshop. They recommend green smoothies for anyone who wants to transition into healthy eating and are also an easy way to introduce healthy food to kids.



Don’t be fooled by the color, green smoothies taste much better than they look! 



Noelle mixes up a batch of “brekky” – avocado, plantain, mango, coconut milk and chia seeds. Yummy!




Go green! Green smoothies are an easy and fast way to incorporate healthy eating!




The FLOW crowd got groovy all night with funky musical performances on the beach front


After all inspiring and informative activities and workshops, the retreat wrapped up with dancing and music to celebrate the good vibes all around! Imperatriz Filipinense kept the feet stomping and  hips swaying with an invigorating drum performance and other live musical performances kept the crowd grooving well into the night.




Sinyma kept the party going with their soulful dance beats


When in Manila, take a break from city stress and go with the FLOW at the spirit lifting surf, yoga, samba retreat!





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Go With the FLOW: Surf Samba Yoga Retreat Boracay 2013


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