Go Foundation-Free with this Singaporean Skincare Brand

Skincare can be simple or it can involve more than 10 steps. It can be a daunting task to find the products that are best for your skin type. With the dawn of make-up brands and many make-up looks, many relied on make-up to hide blemishes, dark spots, and even acne. But do you believe that make-up is the first thing that can make your skin bad?

No need to fret, we found this Singaporean skincare brand that aims to treat and educate everyone to really invest on your skin and go foundation-free!

Porcelain, a brand from Singapore is testing the market in the Philippines to expand its business and to help more people to achieve blemish-free skin.

According to Porcelain Founder and Managing Director Pauline Ng, each person’s skin is unique. Therefore, treating blemishes and other skin problems requires a customized and health-based approach. While it’s easy to turn to makeup to achieve porcelain skin, it’s better for long-term skin health to shift the focus to caring for the skin. Regaining foundation-free confidence starts with incorporating a customized skincare regimen that targets specific skin issues.

“No two skins are the same, which means that even if your skin is generally oily on most days and certain products work for you, there could be days when your skin is dry and flaky and the same products wouldn’t have the same positive effects. We need to understand what our skin needs,” Ng added.

Porcelain has been a trusted brand in Singapore since 2009 and does not only offer skincare products but also clinical treatments to address the skin problems of their clients. The brand’s in-spa approach gives a premium on every product that is developed in-house like their cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, and mask.

PH Balance is important to get good skin and according to Porcelain, the right PH balance is important and it can be achieved with good products, right diet, hydration and etc.

Porcelain currently has 14 products that are designed for all skin types. They are also non-comedogenic and especially suitable for humid climates like the Philippines, where the most common skin issue is congested or clogged skin, which results in blackheads, acne, and enlarged pores.

You can check out and purchase Porcelain at the Podium’s Singaporium until September 15, 2019. You can also get your skin analyzed with a complimentary Skin DiscoveryTM (valued at SGD 65). From the skin analyzation, the moisture, sebum levels, skin age and etc can be measured so you can come up with a skincare regimen or routine that is best for your skin type.

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Since the products are not readily available in the Philippines just yet, the products can be ordered online via PorcelainSkin.com/Shop.





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