Glorietta’s Gamefest 2023 Has Larger-Than-Life Board Games and More

Glorietta, the premier destination for leisure, shopping, and entertainment, is proud to present Gamefest 2023, a rip-roaring event that seamlessly brings together the old and new. Set to take place from August 3 to August 6, 2023, at the Glorietta Activity Center, this year’s Gamefest embraces the theme “Coalesce,” inviting gaming enthusiasts to experience a harmonious fusion of past and future in the world of gaming.

Divided into two facets, Cyber City and Retro District, Gamefest 2023 caters not only to seasoned gamers but also to the curious minds and families simply seeking an action-packed weekend.

Discover the Engaging Attractions Within Cyber City

Step into the thrilling world of Cyber City, a futuristic realm where next-level game consoles and high-tech gears await passionate gamers, offering a glimpse into the adrenaline-fueled future of gaming. 

GameFest Map

Digital Den – Immerse yourself in the ultimate modern console gameplay experience! Connect with fellow gamers and share the excitement as you get onboard virtual adventures.

Gaming Library – Relish the joy of gameplay as you delve into a diverse array of modern board games. Discover new favorites along the way!

Central Processing Unit – Where lifestyle meets gaming! Witness an extraordinary exhibition featuring meticulously designed gaming corner setups, showcasing the perfect mix of style and functionality.

Craftsman’s Corner – Elevate your gaming memories to artistry! Talented artists await to create unique and personalized gaming portraits, capturing your gaming prowess in striking visuals.

Hall of Photo – Step up and strike a pose! Capture your gaming moments in style against the holographic photo wall, where you can flaunt your best gaming poses and snap away unforgettable memories.

Datablitz Selling Booth – Explore the latest gaming products and merchandise on display at the Datablitz booth, where you can find a treasure trove of gaming essentials.

HADO – As a highlight of Gamefest 2023, Glorietta introduces HADO, an Augmented Reality (AR) esports experience that redefines the boundaries of athleticism and strategy. HADO empowers players with energy balls and shields, elevating them to real-life courts where offensive and defensive tactics know no limits. Groups of three to six players can engage in structured free-play sessions, guided by expert facilitators from HADO. Now this is something to look forward to!

Experience an Array of Delightful Activities Within the Retro District

Embark on a nostalgic journey at the Retro District through gaming’s glorious past. This space is a heartfelt homage to the golden era of gaming, evoking cherished memories for seasoned gamers and sparking awe in the hearts of the young.

Arcade Avenue – Relive the magic of old-school classics and iconic arcade games that have left an indelible mark on gaming history.

Trader’s Lane – Engage in fun and camaraderie at Trader’s Lane, a vibrant corner where customers can enjoy a variety of simple board and card games. Embrace the spirit of friendly competition and perhaps strike a deal or two while engaging in fascinating card trading experiences.

Pixels & Power-ups – Unleash your inner adventurer at Pixels & Power-ups, a unique attraction that brings 8-bit classics to life. Immerse yourself in a life-sized game board powered by Zing, where you can step into the game and become a part of the pixelated action. 

Merchant’s Guild Market – Seek refreshment and energy at the Merchant’s Guild Market. Discover a nook brimming with delightful mocktails and customized energy drinks to recharge your gaming spirit.

Participation in Gamefest 2023 is made accessible through the Citizen Passport. Obtain one in three simple ways: with a single receipt worth P2000, by accumulating receipts of P2000 or more (maximum of 3 receipts per person), or by presenting a single receipt of P4000 and above to receive two passports. Receipts should be from Glorietta stores and merchants, excluding department stores, drug stores, banking, and bill payments.


Wonderful giveaways for participants are also up for grabs! The first 30 individuals to complete their Citizen Passport each day from August 3 to August 6 will receive exclusive Gamefest 2023 merchandise.

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a curious enthusiast, this is an unmissable event for the whole family! Glorietta continues to be a trailblazer in creating cutting-edge leisure and entertainment concepts in the metro that caters to all generations. Come one, come all!

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