Gloc-9 Reminisces His Humble Beginnings in His Latest Song “Kamusta Ka Na”


Photo / Universal Records Philippines

Gloc-9 has a brand new offering this month of May!

Life comes full circle as our Paboritong Makata reminisces his humble beginnings as a dreaming lad from the municipality of Binangonan in Rizal, looking up at the starlit night and wishing that one day he’ll become part of the constellation of famous rap stars. And from that certain perspective, he crafted a song called “Kamusta Ka Na”.

The song is a simple yet profound introspection. It is a monologue where Gloc-9 chats to his young self; looking back to the tune when he took the road less traveled.

The journey of the seemingly countless rejections, armed with only his unwavering belief that with each trial he surpassed is one step closer to making his dream become a reality.

Watch the official lyric video below:

Recently, Gloc-9 has been actively releasing several other projects, including the launch of his first collaboration with Greyhoundz since 2006, “XXV,” and a song called “Kwentong Barbero” with newly signed artist Ramdiss.



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