Global Audio Experts Dolby and Avid Partner With iACADEMY to Teach World-Class Sound Design

From movies, TV shows, theater and stage productions, commercials, events, to the recording industry—all of these would be nothing without the magic of audio, sound effects, and music. Don’t you agree? Think about your favorite show and that scene that hits deep with you because of the accompanying OST. Or that epic action scene from your favorite Marvel movie that was made exceptional because of its thrilling sound effects. Music and audio help bring out emotions and amplify stories, and behind every masterful piece is a team of talented sound and music experts who make that memorable experience happen for you.

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Avid S4 with Dolby Atmos PannerAvid S4 with Dolby Atmos Panner

In the past, there used to be this preconception that there were no promising careers that could come out of pursuing arts, including studies in music and sound. But fast forward to the present, the age of the best technological advancements in entertainment yet, the demand for experts in music audio has also soared, opening up many opportunities for people whose passion lies in this field. Currently, based on one worldwide employment website‘s data, there are over 4,000 job openings on music production alone.

Are you one of those people who love the process of making music and sound? If the answer is yes, then here’s good news for you. World leaders in audio and sound technology Dolby Atmos and Avid have worked with iACADEMY so young, budding Filipino talents can learn more about the art of sound and pursue a career in the field.

Learn world-class skills in music and sound design with Dolby and Avid at iACADEMY

iACADEMY, a school in the Philippines that specializes in tech and design, launched its Music Production & Sound Design Program last April 17, 2021. iACADEMY explained that this program aims to “provide an overview of the fundamental principles of music and sound” while, of course, using industry-standard tools and training courtesy of Dolby Atmos and Avid. The program was designed hand-in-hand with these two global experts in sound.

Avid Pro ToolsAvid Pro Tools

Avid Technologies, an expert in audio, video, and non-linear editing systems, is known for its Avid Pro Tools, which is the tool used worldwide in the sound industry for audio production. Avid will be providing Pro Tools to students at iACADEMY, so they can learn hands-on using the industry-standard—a fantastic skill to have on your resume when applying for jobs. 

Avid Learning Partner Manager for APAC Alex Brooke pointed out that “Avid Pro Tools can be used in such a wide variety of projects. Knowing how to use Pro Tools can give a student an edge when job hunting, especially proving to a future employer they are worth hiring.”

Dolby Atmos Technology scaledDolby Atmos Technology

Dolby Atmos, on the other hand, is a world leader in audio experience. You probably see it when you go to the cinema—many movie theaters are labeled with Dolby, meaning they use Dolby Atmos’ surround sound technology (which is what you want, for the best cinema experience). Like Avid, Dolby Atmos is working with iACADEMY for its curriculum, and will be providing access to various Dolby Atmos tools for iACADEMY students and instructors. Instructors from Dolby will also be visiting iACADEMY from time to time, for first-person learning with students.

Representatives from Avid and Dolby were present at the program launch. They happily shared with iACADEMY students and parents what the program is all about and what careers lie ahead for the students pursuing this course. These include jobs as a Producer, Sound Designer, Systems Engineer, Field Recordist, Foley Artist, Musical Director, Audio Auditor, and Sound Consultant, to name just a few.

When asked what separates iACADEMY’s AB Music Production and Sound Design Program from other schools’ audio programs, audio expert and iACADEMY Professor Gerard Elviña shared, “We are the first one to be accredited by CHED to blend music and sound into one. We are also being supported by Avid and Dolby with the tools to be used in learning.” He also shared, “We are proud to say that we have a 1:1 ratio for students per computer onsite (Avid Pro Tools) for learning.”


iACADEMY, which offers Senior High School and College courses, has always been modernistic to its approach in education, bagging awards such as “Most Innovative Education Provider” by UK-based publication Global Brands. It is the only school in the Philippines so far to receive the award. With another amazing program added to its line-up, we can’t wait to see what’s next.

iACADEMY’s AB Music Production & Sound Design Program will be offered starting in August 2021. Learn more here, and get in touch with iACADEMY through the links below.

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