Glitter Phone Cases are Being Recalled After Causing Chemical Burns

I still remember the first time I set my eyes on a liquid glitter phone case.

I stared at it in absolute awe as it called to my unicorn heart and begged to be bought.

They reminded me so much of the snow globes that I collected as a child.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have one for my phone model at the time and I never made my glitter dreams come true.

Glitter Phone Case

As it turns out, though, hundreds of thousands of these liquid glitter cases are now being recalled because there have been various reports of the fluid leaking out and causing skin irritation, chemical burns, and blisters. One statement even reported permanent scarring from a chemical burn and swelling to the body.

While no similar reports seem to have made it to the news here in the Philippines yet, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission strongly urges user to stop using them for safety reasons. You might want to stop using yours, too.