Glimpse: The Glamorous Reveal

It’s glamorous. It’s stylish. A symphony like no other.

Bask in a night of endless talent from a line of the brightest of stars! Always extraordinary in every single way, each set’s sure to impress! 

This is Reverb and they’ve got some new blood. Continuing their annual tradition, they’re inviting you to GLIMPSE 2019, a concert that’ll showcase their freshest faces and newest talents! Trained to perform and own the stage, these newbies will surely bring the glitz and the glam as they present the most breathtaking stages you will ever see!

Since the first in 2015, Reverb has been organizing this concert to feature new members and give them a “glimpse” of what the organization has in store for the year. After the gruelling process of auditioning, the newbies are introduced to the rest of the members through a couple of organization-wide activities so that they may be familiar with the people their working with before they’re plunged into one rehearsal after another. It is in these rehearsals do they prepare themselves, with the help of the organization’s core, their mentors, captains, older members, and each other, for their debut in Reverb’s first major concert of the year: Glimpse.

Official Poster When in Manila

Glimpse 2019 is the fifth and has, by far, the most unique theme of all: Glam. Channeling the style of old Hollywood and a little bit of noir, this year’s Glimpse is definitely not one to miss.

Each word, each note, each tune, each song, and each and every moment will definitely get you up off your seat and onto your feet. 

Catch them at Telengtan Hall (University of Asia and the Pacific) on October 11, 2019, 7:00pm!

Set your eyes on the stage, open up your ears, take a chance, and catch a GLIMPSE.