GIVEAWAY: Planning to Start a Skincare Routine? Try This Glowhite Set!

We all know how expensive skincare products can be, let alone an entire skincare routine set. However, this Glowhite Set revolutionized the industry with its compactness and affordability. For the price of 400 pesos, you get soap, toner, day cream, and night cream a.k.a. your entire skincare essentials from Lush Skin Essential! Plus, their set comes with a cute skincare headband too!
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LUSH Skin Essential is a story of two women who have an endless passion for beauty. Lhen Ong and Elaine Silva are both from the events and beauty industry as professional makeup and semi-permanent makeup artists. Their continuous drive to inspire and empower women resulted in the establishment of LUSH Skin Essential, a Filipino brand that offers safe and proven effective products at a very reasonable price.

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Our mission is to make certain that all our products meet the highest standards. Providing great skincare products is the heart of what we do. Lush Skin Essential products are formulated to treat and improve the skin making it look healthier, younger-looking, and glowing from deep within. We aim to help our consumers level up their skincare habits to achieve beautiful, flawless skin and regain self-confidence.” – Lhen Ong, co-founder, LUSH Skin Essential
Through peeling, this set gives benefits that tackle two of the most popular skin concerns of Filipinos: anti-acne and whitening. For first-timers, here are what to expect on your first week of use:
  • You will feel a stinging sensation especially in areas with skin problems. It will be a little itchy as the dead skin cells are being removed, just like when a wound is starting to heal.
  • Your face will turn darker but do not panic because this is normal. This happens during the process of chemical exfoliation. Dead skin cells are being removed, revealing new skin.
  • Use the rejuvenating set only 3 times a week, day and night. When your skin has adjusted to the product (no more stinging sensation), you may increase the frequency of use.
  • To start seeing results, make sure to follow the instructions properly. Refer to the step-by-step rejuvenating set tutorial below:

LUSH Skin Essential products are organic and FDA Approved. Do you want to try it for free? Join our giveaway on Instagram! Check out the post below to see the mechanics:
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