Give Love in a Different Way This Season With The Happiness and Positivity Project

Words by Hannah Angelique Bacani

It’s the most beautiful time of the year!

Everybody’s starting to put up their towering Christmas trees, lighting up colorful lanterns, and blasting Jose Mari Chan’s greatest hits. But more than these eye-catching decors and boppy Christmas tunes, what makes this season even more beautiful is the spirit of giving. For sure, some ninongs and ninangs out there are beginning to budget and fill in those ampaos for their inaanaks.

If you’re the kind that has too tight a budget but has a big heart for giving and sharing the love this Christmas season, check out this online campaign initiated by the Angat Kabataang Sorsoganon, Inc.


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Born out of the genuine desire to help others in the smallest and simplest ways, The Happiness and Positivity Project aims to spread good vibes through social media. OFW and founder, Jonathan Atienza, brewed up the project after noticing the surge of fake and bad news online and thought of countering these negative vibes with posts that contain words of happiness and positivity.

The Happiness and Positivity Project runs through the collective efforts of local establishments and of what they call ‘Ambassadors and Ambassadresses’ who hail mostly from Sorsogon and are paid only with the satisfaction of being able to share the love and good vibes online. The campaign harnesses the power of social media to forward a good cause.

Curious about how they (and also, you) can spread happiness and positivity? Take a look at a few of their online campaigns:

Something as simple as a smile can spread happiness to everyone. The campaign encourages others to do even the smallest and simplest acts of kindness that they can, such as sharing a smile, picking up your trash, or fixing your plates after eating in a restaurant. These small acts of kindness can make a big impact on others.

Aside from that, they use their page to make a stand against bullying and inequality as well. They also share a few tips on how to think positive and stay happy.

The Happiness and Positivity Project also plans to release other social media contents that forward the same advocacy such as short films, vlogs, and webinars. The group is open for photographers, establishments, graphic designers, artists and others who are willing to be their ambassadors and become a part of their mission to spread happiness and positivity.

The best thing about this project is that everybody can participate in it, all for free. A few clicks and shares can make a huge impact and influence others. And in this season of love and giving, it’s good to share a little bit of happiness and positivity because the best gift you might give this season is the one that costs nothing.

Check out The Happiness and Positivity Project’s Facebook page and join in their campaign to spread the love and good vibes!

The Happiness and Positivity Project

Facebook: /happinesspositivityproject