Give Ariana Grande a break

I’m not the biggest fan of Ariana Grande. She’s got some songs I will appreciatively nod my head along to, sure, but I’m mostly neutral about her. I have friends who worship her and friends who dislike her. It’s chill.

But even I have to admit that it’s been wild for her. The poor girl’s only, like, 5 months older than me and she’s had to go through so much this year alone. From being groped by a bishop (a bishop) to Pete Davidson break-up–it’s a lot. And being trash-talked, stalked, and harassed online just seems to add even more insult to injury.

This poor girl has gone through a whirlwind of BS, stuff I wouldn’t even wish on my worst enemy.  Her ex, rapper Mac Miller, also passed away just recently and the internet, vicious as always, was quick to pin it on the fact that she got engaged so quickly after his death. Many awful rumors cropped up and some people dragged her through the dirt in an effort to blame her for his death.

Not only that, she had to deal with Pete Davidson’s less-than-savory comments (that thing about switching her birth control for Tic Tacs? Bro.) during interviews and it rubbed a lot of her superfans the wrong way. So much so that many of them began to detest him for always talking about her like she was just some sexual object or prize rather than a person.

The news was upsetting enough but seeing her actually broadcast her pain was painful, too. She tweeted a bunch of things that would break anyone’s heart. She asks to “have just one ok day” and then “nothing will ever b ok.” Man, that’s awful

Most celebrities try to keep things to themselves but seeing the anguish on social media for everyone to pick apart? Heartbreaking. Even I had to pause that day and sit back and feel bad. No one deserves that. And she sounded genuinely exhausted.

Of course, that didn’t stop her anti-fans from trying to drag her back down. Many people responded to her tweets with some poisonous words and insults. But, at the very least, it was mostly positivity and light from her fans. Enough to prompt her to tweet a thank you to her fans for loving her even if she doesn’t believe she deserves it.

Man, that stings.

And, to make matters worse, people have begun to draw out crazy conspiracy theories as to why she and Davidson broke up at all, dragging out her past, her relationship with Mac Miller, or any small detail about her that could’ve prompted the break-up. And note: Many are blaming her alone for the break-up and not Davidson. It’s crazy. I don’t understand.

Hopefully Ariana Grande catches a break this holiday season. Lord knows she deserves it.

What do you think about all this? Let us know! 


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