Give and Steak Relationship: Unli Wagyu for Only P899!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I know almost everyone is just about busy looking for the perfect spot for date night. Most of you are probably thinking of romantic sceneries, candle-lit dinners or marbled floors covered in rose petals, romantic gifts or just trying to shake off the thought having a failed V-day surprise—but not me. If you love food as much as I do, you’ll definitely love Hogs & Cattle’s Unlimited Wagyu!

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Hogs and Cattle’s Unlimited Wagyu is priced at P899. For the price, you get unlimited Wagyu Steak, soup, and a side of your choice (rice, mashed potatoes, vegetables). You can also change your side for each round. I was a bit skeptical with the promo because I’ve tried Wagyu in other restaurants before and you can tell that it’s not legit Wagyu. The fat doesn’t look marbled; they look like injected fat instead. But want to know what I think about Hogs and Cattle? Read on.

Hogs and Cattle 9

Hogs and Cattle 1

Upon arriving, we noticed that there were already a lot of people and it was just 11:30 AM. We had a reservation prior to our visit so getting a table wasn’t a problem. Upon getting seated, the waiter immediately got our order and asked how we wanted our steak. After a couple of minutes, we were served with corn soup, bread and butter. Steak is heavy on the stomach so I didn’t load up on the bread. I wanted as much steak as possible.

Hogs and Cattle 13

Hogs and Cattle 7

My first steak was Medium Rare. It was perfectly cooked and it was extremely buttery it almost melted in my mouth. You can also see from the video that I didn’t have any trouble slicing through it as it was so soft and fatty—just the way I like it.

On my first bite, I already knew it was real Wagyu. I first tried it as is, without any sauce, and I loved it. The first sauce that I tried was their Special Steak Sauce, which has a smokey barbecue taste to it. Then I tried the Worcestershire Sauce; it’s tangy and has a tinge of soy flavor to it, but the taste is closes to balsamic vinegar. The third one was Maggi Savor; if you’re looking for more saltiness in your steak, this is your best bet. Amongst the three, my favorite was the Special Steak Sauce. But nothing beats Wagyu Steak with just hot sauce on it. I ended up devouring three plates using just hot sauce.

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Hogs and Cattle Video 1

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I was able to devour three gorgeous plates of their Wagyu Steak. At that price, I highly think it’s a steal. The Steak just glides through your knife as you try to slice it. You can also clearly see the fat settled somewhere between the meat as you bite into it. One amazing thing about their steak as well is that I didn’t get any gristle on the meaty parts! No one likes to chew forever just to get rid of that gristle.

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Hogs and Cattle Video 2

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Overall, it’s an awesome place for Unlimited Wagyu Steak. For the doneness, I would recommend getting the steak rare because I enjoyed it most when it was cooked as such. Service was great, too. There were a lot of customers during our visit, but we never waited too long whenever we’d ask for a new plate. They would also voluntarily refill our water without us asking. This place definitely comes highly recommended for Valentine’s day. Just make sure you head on over to their Facebook page and make a reservation first! Hurry and you might just secure a slot for your date on Vday!

Hogs and Cattle Steakhouse

Ground Floor, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati City
+63 9178607501


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