Girl Shows Respect to Philippine Flag, Earns Respect from Fellow Filipinos

A few months ago, we shared a story of this man stopping to show respect as the national anthem was played in a mall. Just recently, we found another photo, this time of a woman doing something similar.

Alvin Chua shares, “She was going the other way when the national anthem was played. She turned around looking at the Philippine flag raised at BSP”

Girl respects flag

Alvin shares that the photo was taken somewhere in Bacolod. It was around 8am and Banko Sentral started playing the national anthem. The woman who was heading toward the opposite direction quickly stopped to face the flag and show her respect. Her name is Arlene Edis.

Good job Arlene for showing respect to the Philippine flag. It’s nice to still see people doing this even when they feel no one is watching.

What do you think of this? Would you have done the same?


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