Gifting or Celebration? Here’s A 12.12 Promo You Shouldn’t Miss!

Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow! This holiday season, have a star in every celebration with Heineken. A reminder that this time around, we are celebrating and drinking for much happier times.

Let’s admit it. Even if restaurants and bars are gradually reopening their doors to the public, there are still people who are not yet completely comfortable with the idea of socializing in crowded places again.

After almost two years of contenting ourselves with socially distanced events with lean guest lists, celebratory drive-bys, and virtual reunions, people have simply grown accustomed to the “new normal” way of entertaining and celebrating, In the post-pandemic world, you’re more likely to get invited to someone’s house (or backyard) than to an indoor events venue.

There’s no doubt that the pandemic upended our way of life and our way of thinking, but this should not stop us from rediscovering the things that the global health crisis forced us to forget, like celebrating the special occasions and milestones in our life, with a delightful drink in hand, of course.

And what better way to celebrate our “better normal” than to chug an ice-cold Heineken, which undoubtedly has been the star of celebrations everywhere for years!

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For the upcoming holiday season, the trusted beer brand has partnered with Drinkies.Ph to help you pull off a super chill, hassle-free drinking party at home.

For the uninitiated, Drinkies.Ph is an e-commerce website that strives to be a hassle-free, reliable, and prompt delivery service for consumers looking to have their favorite alcoholic beverages and distilled spirits delivered right at their doorstep.

Whether you’re a party of two or a party of 10, Drinkies.Ph has something for you: beer, wine, rum, bourbon, scotch, brandy, cognac, vodka, soju too, and even mixers.

And here’s a factoid that may seal the deal for you: Drinkies.Ph users can expect their favorite beers to arrive fast and cold. And for your other orders to be delivered quickly too.

Aside from the usual Heineken beers in bottles or in cans, you can also opt for your own Heineken 5-liter Keg, or if you’re feeling a little extra, you can rent The Draught Kit featuring an 8-liter Keg with Blade Machine, a fancy, shiny toy that will allow you to play bartender for the day (or night).

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Here’s a bunch of other deals that Heineken has prepared for its loyal patrons ordering through Drinkies.


If you buy one (1) 5-liter Keg during the 12.12 promo on Dec. 12 (10am-12nn only), you can get your second Keg at 40% off.

If you buy two (2) 5-liter Kegs, any day from Dec. 13 to 19, you can get a free Heineken Premium Bag.

If you make a minimum purchase of PhP5,000-worth of Heineken products (except Draught Kit) from Dec. 20 to 31, you will get a free bomber jacket from Heineken!

Show us how you’ve spent the time drinking and reconnecting with your friends by posting photos and videos of your fun at-home parties with the hashtags #HolidayReasonToDRINKIES, #DrinkiesPH, and #HeinekenPH on Instagram.