Giant Button at Mall Gives Brave People a BIG Surprise

Giant Button at Mall Gives Brave People a BIG Surprise 

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When Eastwood Mall opened its doors to Saturday shoppers, many were caught off-guard at the sight of a giant maleta — a seemingly omnipresent makeshift luggage that loomed over the Open Park on an unusually sunny August Saturday.

Wedged at the heart of the gray luggage was a bright blue button, highlighted by the words trip mo ba? above it — naturally adding an air of mystery to the already-puzzling installation that had apparently been snuck into Eastwood.

As more and more people gathered to find out if anyone could muster up the courage and push the button amid curious, intrigued eyes, an unassuming shopper walked towards the maleta, hesitated for a nanosecond before pushing the blue button with enough gusto to sound off the alarms across the entire Eastwood Mall Open Park.

…and then, a spectacle.



Booming drumbeats and festive music filled the vicinity as dancers — fully decked out in costumes, of course — immediately surrounded the brave soul in a synchronized performance that had many mallgoers and shoppers bringing out their smartphones and tablets to capture the event that was unfolding before their eyes, from the beginning of the performance to the end, as the girl who pushed the button received her prizes.

“It happened so fast,” says an onlooker. “I was actually with my sister nearby, buying coffee — then biglang, I heard sirens… so, we went out [of the cafe]. Then, out of nowhere, so many things came out. There were dancers and drummers and even a horse passed us by,” she described animatedly, smiling as she showed off her selfie with the horse that made its way to the centre of the Open Park to join the flash mob.


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Similar to the many flash mobs that have been orchestrated all over the world, the festivities at Eastwood were warmly received by the Saturday shopping crowd that was primarily comprised of families, friends and students.

Sobrang saya ng anak ko,” said Marilette, who was walking around Eastwood with her family in tow. “Lalo na nung may ice cream truck and of course, yung horse and snow. Sobrang surprised talaga kami dun.

The brains behind the flash mob was, a Philippine-focused travel website that seeks to ‘make great travel stories happen.’

“We wanted this flash mob to mirror what we want for our customers —creating memorable experiences and great travel stories beginning with a push of a button,” says president Zaki Delgado.

 tripmoba, offers a wide selection of international and domestic flights and hotels to choose from and book in just a few clicks (without any hidden costs or excluded taxes, yes!), and even gives travelers an option to make their trips even more memorable with their experience packages.

The website is as simple as it gets, but you get so much more out of it. “We want to give you the best travel experience even before you travel. We believe that your next great travel story should begin with an enjoyable, stress-free, and easy booking experience, with everyday great prices and options” Mr. Delgado says, adding that his team of young, experienced professionals are just as passionate about travel as they are in delivering the best customer service possible.

“The team loves to travel, and we know how taxing it can be to have to deal with so many things at the same time. We want to remove that part for you, and ease you into making great travel stories happen,” he adds.

And, well, we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Making Great Stories Happen: Goes Big at Eastwood.

Giant Button at Mall Gives Brave People a BIG Surprise 

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