Mad For Pizza: Creating Your Own Pizza Can be this Awesome

I’m pretty sure majority of people are fans of pizza. Who could actually ignore the glorious awesomeness of that? Sadly, there aren’t always that exact pizza you want. Sometimes, you want to kill off the vibe of bell peppers or onions, or simply want to top it off with mayonnaise because why not. Other times, you just want to put anything and everything just for the sake of creating your own brilliant pizza idea and move on. Well, possibly the greatest invention pizza parlors invented is allowing their consumers to create their own version of pizza.

Mad for Pizza boasts of its “create your own pizza.” There are a few pizza joints in the Philippines that offer this service, but not served with other food which is a great combination for any hungry food lover. And surely, we won’t let that idea pass.


We had a hard time choosing what to put in our pizza (you can actually put everything on it!!). Later on we decided to go with an all meat theme. Our pizza had more or less 8-10 different ingredients that vary from sausages to actual meat. When the pizza arrived, we were all surprised to see the pizza full.

That “wouldn’t this restaurant go bankrupt” kind of vibe. Normally, more ingredients equals lesser quantity. But look at that. Definitely they didn’t cut off on ingredients despite the fixed price. As for the taste? I’m giving it my stamp of approval.


Being a pasta lover, I settled for their Chicken Alfredo. Best. Decision. Ever. To be honest, every time I eat at Mad for Pizza, I order the same thing. Not that I don’t want to try anything else, but it’s simply worth ordering every single time. Just the right tasty meat that blends well with the other ingredients.


Meanwhile, my mom decided to go for their American Bicol while my sister had Grilled Barbecue Chicken. Both are served with a heap of tasty rice and corn side dish. Both were equally mouth-watering and filling even for those with bigger appetites. The former probably lacks a bit more of the sauce, but overall the taste is definitely two thumbs up!



I abso-freakin-lutely love desserts. All my friends can vouch for that. And if you ask me, Mad for Pizza’s Mango Supreme is one of my most favorite and to-die-for dessert, possibly ever. Something about it just makes you giddy inside in the best possible way. It hits the spot for anyone’s sweet tooth!


One of their most recent dessert on the menu, Funky Monkey, is also a definite must-try! With the mild taste of vanilla ice cream and banana combo in a sweet blend of sauce, it balances the dessert to the right level.


Did I also mention their bad-ass and nostalgic 80’s themed interior?


Topping off the good food is their superb customer service. If I give their food a 4.5/5, it’s a 6/5 for their customer service. I’ve eaten here a bunch of times and it’s the same friendly and fast service from their team.

When in Manila and looking for food to spice or cool your day, then Mad for Pizza is a must-try!


Getting Mad for Pizza is THIS awesome

4/F, SM City Manila/ Opening soon in 3/F, SM Bacoor Cavite