Get your rainbow on with this LGBTQ+ planner, mga beshie!

Beshie, we all know you’re fabulous–that’s a given. But while strutting around looking and feeling fab is probably second-nature to you, it’d be for the best if you remember when and where you have to be strutting and who you have to gift with your presence.

Which is why we’re presenting this adorable planner from The Rainbow Collective. Pages upon pages of celebration, love, and most importantly, RAINBOWS! Start 2019 with a PAK with this planner!

Want to learn more lingo? They’ve got it for you. This planner greets you with two adorable rainbow penguins, a warm welcome, and a space for you to emblazon your name with pride. Subtle? This planner hasn’t heard of subtle. It’s as fierce and as pak as you are!

This planner goes above and beyond in every aspect. It features art and writing from LGBTQ+ artists, too! Every month you’re greeted by visual and written splendor centered on the experience of queerness. I might have even shed a tear more than once looking at them (keyword: might) (who am I kidding–of course I did!).

The colorful art and the moving words are sure to inspire you and your plans this 2019. And if you’re looking for someone who understands your experiences? Just crack this planner open and read up on any of the brave stories shared in it.

This planner isn’t just a stunner to look at, it’s also out to school you! Inspired and getting educated? Sign me up! The Rainbow Collective also sought out to include LGBTQ+-related vocabulary, symbols, and references. My personal favorite was the Kinsey Scale!

The Rainbow Collective planner also tackles HIV awareness, marriage equality, mental health, and a plethora of other topics that the LGBTQ+ community may find helpful. Its primary goal is to educate and it does a pretty fantastic job at it all while looking good.

Infographics, illustrations, and information on how to best support the LGBTQ+ fills up these pages. So aside from making dinner plans every month, you can smash gender and sexuality stereotypes while you’re at it. And you can learn more about what the SOGIE Bill has to offer. Is there another planner that can get all this done? Talk about multi-tasking!

Woke and fab. The best combo.

The best part? 20% of sales are going to Project Halipan, a domestic violence campaign that seeks to encourage those in abusive relationships to enlist in therapy so they may stop being abusive to their partners. This planner and The Rainbow Collective are out there changing the world one rainbow at a time for only PHP 789 (discounted if you buy 2 or more on their website)!

What’re you waiting for? We’re pre-ordering as we speak! Buylaloo na!

The Rainbow Collective

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