Get to know the new Spotify Exclusive Shows under Podcast Network Asia

Content creators TOL and Typical Pinoy Crap (TPC) join Podcast Network Asia’s (PNA) list of Spotify Exclusive shows.

From publishing one-shot webcomic arts to creating platforms where they can share their thoughts on relevant topics, these two creators have definitely gone a long way in creating digital content.

Prior to being podcasters, TOL and Typical Pinoy Crap’s Facebook pages had already garnered around 300,000 and 400,000 followers respectively. On top of that, TOL also posts his artworks on Instagram and Twitter, where he also hosts regular Spaces. 

Typical Pinoy Crap Podcast

Typical Pinoy Crap, formerly known as Teenage Pinoy Crap, has been sharing funny and relatable content about heartbreaks, political and social issues since 2013. His relatable hot takes and realtalk memes have been creating noise among millennials in the social media realm since then. In September 2020, he decided to make some noise in the podcasting world as well.

After deciding to expand his platform to podcasting, TPC joined Podcast Network Asia to reach more audiences and boost his following. 

“Bilang baguhan, ang naramdaman ko noong na-inform ako na magiging bahagi ako ng PNA, para akong nakaramdam ng security knowing na may gagabay sa akin sa podcast journey ko. Nakaka-excite rin dahil ‘yong mga shows noon na under na ng PNA e talaga namang matunog na sa industriya,” shares Ed, the host of Typical Pinoy Crap Podcast.

His episodes resonate well with his fellow millennials as he gives his hot takes about relevant typical Pinoy craps that need to stop. Among these are body shaming, unhealthy relationships, bullying and other ‘shiyets’ as he calls it. At times, he also reads letters from his followers where he gives several pieces of advice in a comical TPC-way.

Aside from that, he also doesn’t mince his opinions about the government, making him a voice to the woke millennial generation.


Yellow Space

“Valid emotions mo.” These are the assuring words you’ll usually see on TOL’s social media pages. He also uses the handle @validemotionsmo across all platforms where he addresses his followers “tol” or “bro” in English.

“The terminology ‘TOL’ means brother you can talk to, a person you can really trust and during this times, we deserve to have our own TOL, to have our own Yellow Guy who is willing to be there for us when we feel that we’re alone,” says Khian, the host of Yellow Space.

TOL’s content mainly revolves around messages of hope, accompanied by TOL’s yellow art style that gives off a bright and positive vibe. His posts help thousands of people who seek a safe place to know that their feelings are indeed valid.

“TOL’s character design was actually based on what I really looked like, for example, the three-haired bangs TOL has, it’s based on my real-life hair. Also, the orange spots in his cheeks are from my own acne marks which are the insecurities that I turned into art,” he adds.

As his numbers grew on Twitter, he maximized the audio livestream feature on Twitter called Spaces. He holds regular sessions on Spaces where he talks about motivational and positive things that Gen Zs need. Most of them struggled with online classes at the height of the pandemic that’s why hearing words of affirmations such as, “You did well today” can make a huge difference.

That’s why around September 2021, he decided to have his own space for his listeners. It’s called Yellow Space, where people can listen repeatedly without the need to catch him live.

The Gen Z podcaster TOL talks to the listeners as if he just sent a voice memo he sent to someone he loves. The snacklable podcast episodes he published made him one of the top podcasts in the country, being a regular in Spotify’s charts. 

On February 23, TPC and Tol will be officially launched as part of Spotify’s roster of exclusive content creators. You may listen to Yellow Space and Typical Pinoy Crap Podcast exclusively on Spotify. Follow the podcasts, rate the shows with 5 stars, and hit the notification bell for more updates about the release of podcast episodes.