Get Ready to Grab Everything You Want


When in Manila, you’ll notice that Filipinos are among the best people that can sniff out a good bargain; whether it’s the latest gadget or the in-season designer clothing. You can see them combing the streets of Divisoria or jam-packed at the malls during a sale.

This can also be said when bargain hunting in cyberspace. In the recent years, just about as many shopping sites have cropped up. The latest of these is iGrab.The site gives you offers ranging from the latest Smart TVs to vacation destinations that include Fort Ilocandia in Ilocos Norte, Misibis Bay, and Dos Palmas.

The Bobbery, which is the local equivalent to TechCrunch, has placed the site in the Top 10 (6th actually) deal sites in the Philippines. “The Top 5 is rather unsurprising and while iGrab has grown quickly in recent months, it rests [sic] to be seen if it can enter the Top 5…”

They have divided their offers into six groups. Catalogue is where you will finddiscounts on gadgets and accessories. Cuisine is obviously for restaurants.Destinations givesyou ideas as well as great offers to your next vacation destinations. Access, on the other hand, gives you discounts to the latest movies and theater attractions and services while Market gives you off-the-shelf items such as food and wellness products. Last, but definitely not the least, is Enhance where you can find wellness services such as spa and hair treatments.

While they have offers to destinations outside Metro Manila (they even had offers to destinations outside of the Philippines), almost all of the offers are Metro Manila-centric and it seems that their products on offer are for pick-up only. That means that Metro Manila residents will take full advantage of what iGrab has to offer.

Unfortunately, as of this writing, they have just sold out on a Total fuel offer where you get PhP1,000 worth of fuel for only PhP600. Fortunately though, the site is currently raffling off a Panasonic 50” Plasma TV. For something that costs tens of thousands of Pesos, getting one is certainly a steal. You get the deepest blacks that bests any LED LCD TV around and none of the motion blur; all for free. That is if you get picked.


Whether you’re looking for bargains on the latest smartphones or your next vacation destination, give the site a look and you might just find what you are looking for and at a great price at




Get Ready to Grab Everything You Want

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