Get Inked Without the Commitment: Tat’s It Temporary Tattoos!

Are you like one of those people who would want to try out something a bit edgy but is afraid to commit to it permanently? I’m not just talking about crazy haircuts or haircolor that can be solved with a trip to the salon, I’m talking about tattoos.

I’m one of those people who are into doodling randomly on my skin. The idea of tattoos fascinate me and all that, but I’m not sure I’m up with branding myself permanently.

So I fell in love with temporary tatts.


Tat’s It! is a shop that collaborates with extremely talented Filipino amateur artists creating unique and truly amazing non-toxic temporary skin ink. The owner, Keslie Dellosa, and her brother Dale, who is a Motion Graphics Artist (Dale Dellosa),  helped out artists who are not so adept in translating their work digitally. This led to the formation of one of their best collections, Sydikit Creations.


The name Syndikit is a play of the word “Syndicate” which is defined as “a group of individuals or organizations combined to promote some common interest.” The last 2 syllables were altered to the Filipino term “Dikit” which means, “to stick” to reflect the distinctive characteristic of impermanent tattoos. Their vision is to display this collection which allows people to express their support or feelings of affinity toward a certain theme.


Their best sellers are the works of Snapperdoodles (also known as the very talented Pearl Choco), thebookishmisfit’s (Pia Cohamco) designs, their Potterhead collection, and their Fueled by Words collection.


They also customize orders for 100pcs per design. Price starts at P5900 for 100pcs of a 1.5 x 1.5″ temp tatts (smallest possible size). Price is the same for B&W and colored designs, so they invite everyone to go crazy as possible with their custom orders! Another thing is that their tatts aren’t just for skin. You can stick them on gadgets or any clean, dry surface too!

All tattoos are FDA certified colorants, and all materials used in production comply with U.S., Canadian & European Union Safety Standards for cosmetic and toy products making it last longer and blend better on the skin.

Are you an artist? They are also always on the lookout for artists who would want to join their team in creating this budding creative Filipino enterprise.

Tat’s It!

Instagram: @tatisthewaytogo
Viber: +639178731989
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