Get Hooked With The Co-Show and Positivitrix this LOVE Month: A Vison Board Night Party for Singles and Couples

It’s the LOVE month! Yes, because we Filipinos celebrate seasons long term. Christmas starts on September and the celebration of Valentine’s Day is the entire month of February.  Notice all the social media campaigns, promos, designs and marketing everywhere. This is also where those who are single either look for the ONE to date or gather with their other single friends and celebrate world freedom day on February 14.

But seriously, how are you this love month? What we mean is what does celebrating love month have to do with you pursuing success, discovering your core gift and passion, reaching your life goals, live a debt-free life, and have happy relationships? Allow us to share with you ONE thing. Yes, ONE. Aside from looking for THE ONE, or for married couples, how to continue to be THE ONE for each other. There is this ONE THING, that is very important in having a successful life. We call it VISION.

This February 28, allow The Co-Show and Positivitrix to be your date this LOVE Month with their Vision Board Night Party. Dreus and Love Cosio, also known as The Co-Show, has a Facebook blog where over 18,000 followers interact with them about videos on relationship, marriage, finances, and love. Trixie Esguerra (Positivitrix) is dubbed as Philippines’ Vision Board Coach and together they want to gather singles and couples for a night to remember.

They believe that ONE thing that makes a person attractive, is having that vision, being sure of what they want, the direction of leading their life. More than the roses, chocolates and romantic dates. A direction for your life, whether single or married will help you achieve both success and significance, having peace and joy while pursuing your life journey. Do you have that clear vision for your life?

SEE THE VISION. Be clear with what you want. If you are not clear with your vision, chances are you will end up being part of others vision. If you are still discovering. Go ahead. Discover along the way. Start discovering, write it down. Remember, if the vision is clear the provision will appear. Clarity is power.

SET THE MOTION. When you know what you want, then your actions should be aligned with your vision. Having the vision is not enough. It needs consistent action. Every day set the momentum. Remember, any movement makes momentum. Slow or fast, just do not stop moving towards the direction of your vision. Aim for progress, not perfection.

SURRENDER THE PROVISION. If the dream keeps on resurrecting in your heart. It pops in your mind when you are tired. When you hope for something better you thought of it as your “what if” moments. Then that vision is for you. God placed that in your inmost being and it wants to be fulfilled. Why? It is going to bless you, and more. it is going to bless the world around you. So go ahead, be clear where you want to go, work hard, focus on it. You may be starting, or planting, soon harvest will come. But along the way, remember to connect to the one who gave it to you. Allow God to give you the best version. Surrender to His generous provision. Trust Him.

Clarity, vision, is what you need in your financial life, health, career, spiritual life, and even your relationships. Make that decision to start something new this 2019! See details below to reserve your seats.

Tickets Now Available:

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