Here’s Where You Can Get a Good P250 Swedish Massage in Marikina

Let’s face it: after a long day at work or school, you want nothing more than a relaxing massage to soothe your tired muscles. The thing is: massages, especially the ones in fancy places, don’t exactly come cheap. We’re talking above P500 for an hour, at least.

Don’t fret— we found one that gives massages for P250!

The heaven-sent massage place we’re talking about is called Qi Spa. Located adjacent to Puregold, you can find the spa right above a Goldilocks bakery in a plaza along Lilac street.

Qi Spa 1

For those living in Quezon City, Qi Spa actually has a branch over at D. Tuazon, which has been operational for more than four years now. Their second branch in Marikina opened last January 8.

For first-timers who haven’t heard of the place, Qi Spa gets its name from the Chinese word qi (氣)— pronounced as “chi” in Mandarin, or “ki” in Fookien— which means energy, or the vital force of any living being. To be healthy, it is believed that your qi needs to be balanced. And you can achieve that balance with the help of massage therapy!

Balanced energy and a relaxed body for only P250? Sounds like a good deal to me!

Now, don’t get me wrong. Qi Spa may offer affordable rates, but they’re on a different level from the sketchy, sleazy spas out there. In fact, their interiors are clean, chic and very modern with simplistic colors of browns, creams and a touch of forest green for a nature-like feel.

Did I mention that during the entire visit, you will also hear soothing instrumental music, occasionally accompanied with birds chirping or the sound of rushing water? It can’t get any more Zen than that.

Qi Spa 6

Let’s go through the spa experience we had at Qi Spa Lilac:

Foot Wash

Qi Spa 2

You start off with a foot wash at their station. Their branch has space for two people at a time. You get to sit on soft chairs with your feet over the sink and the therapists wash your feet in warm water, then add a layer of soothing peppermint scrub that exfoliates and cleans you up nicely. You’re then given a pair of house slippers and whisked off to your choice of massage.

Personalized Options

Qi Spa 7

The therapist then gives you comfortable clothes to change into. Before anything else, you’re given the choice of basic massage oils: Lavender, Eucalyptus, or Unscented. However, you can also bring your own massage oils, if you have a preferred scent.

If you want some massage oil that comes with benefits, they even sell some that are made with Mulberry Oil for P280 per bottle. It’s hypoallergenic and fast-absorbing. Plus, it makes the skin smooth without any oily or greasy feeling. Best of all, it comes in your choice of Lavender or Peppermint.

I chose their basic Lavender Oil because it’s my favorite scent and comes with relaxing properties.

Afterwards, the therapist will ask about the amount of pressure you’d like: light, moderate or hard. I went with moderate, just to be safe.

Swedish Massage (P250 for an Hour)

Qi Spa 8

Their massage area has a total of 12 beds, each separated by a thin curtain. Some beds, however, are in private rooms.

A Swedish Massage is a relaxing one that helps improve blood circulation and eases tension. During my one-hour experience, my therapist lathered oil all over me and rubbed at my sore muscles using long gliding strokes. She kneaded at all the knots I had in my back and massaged my tension points until I felt light and relaxed—a bit sleepy, even.

Overall, a good experience. It even beat the usual P700 spa I usually go to since they really got rid of all the aches on the back in my neck and shoulders.

Foot Reflexology (P200 for an Hour)

Qi Spa 3

Qi Spa’s foot reflexology area is an intimate space that features three soft chairs, an ottoman, and stools for the therapists to work their magic on.

During a foot reflexology massage, therapists apply pressure on specific points all over your feet, hands and head. These pressure points are believed to correspond to certain organs and help improve bodily functions.

Unlike the smooth gliding strokes of a massage, this one is more straightforward. Its focus is really for healing and to make you feel good. They really pay attention to your feet and target tension points, which really helps with headaches and stress. Whatever knots I still had beforehand were completely gone, and my headache went with it, too!

Tips and Tricks

After a good session at Qi Spa, make sure to try their hot Ginger Tea. It’s a mild drink with a hint of spice that’s soothing and warm. Trust me: even those who aren’t fans of ginger will love this.

Also, if you ever plan on dropping by, make sure to call and reserve ahead of time. Qi Spa has 15 therapists on call and can accommodate 15 people at a time, which means that it gets filled up easily. If you’re a regular, you can even buy Gift Certificates at buy 10, get 1 free!

With great deals like these, you can now enjoy a spa day every week! If I could rate the place, I’d give it a Zen over Ten— hands down.

Qi Spa Lilac

2nd Floor #38 Lilac Street SSS Village Concepcion Dos, Marikina

6162197 / 09176300612


Instagram: @qispa_ph