Get a Taste of the Perfect Ice-Cold Beer through ‘Beer Below Zero’

When in Manila…wait, scratch that…When in the Philippines, Pinoys are such big beer-guzzlers! In every celebration and simple gathering, ice-cold beer is almost always being served. Drinking ice-cold beer’s a great way to cap off a hot and tiring day. But if the beer isn’t ice cold, then boom! There goes the problem if you know what I mean. But with ‘Beer Below Zero’, we can finally say bye to icky room temperature beer and hello to the best ice-cold beers served in town!




Before anything else, let me tell you that Beer Below Zero is not a brand of beer; it’s actually a brand of “beer freezing technology”. So don’t go asking the crew at your local
convenience store about BBZ beer because they just might shoot you a weird look lol.


With the BBZ technology, beers are kept at chest freezers specially-modified for what else…beer! While the ordinary chest freezer freezes beer on 8 degrees Celsius on average, BBZ freezers can go as low as between –6 to –10 degrees Celsius, depending on thickness of bottle and consistency of beer.


The secret of BBZ’s ice-cold beer lies in the shuffling, which is a technique specially done by the Beertender.


BBZ freezers are manned by Beertenders who are intensively-trained to load, shuffle and dispatch the beers. They have to execute proper timing with their actions, otherwise, the beers would explode!


BBZ is now being used in popular bars, restaurants, and late-night joints nationwide. They have also been tapped by major corporations such as San Miguel to serve the coolest beers to their major events such as Oktoberfest 2008 and Summer Babad Double Chill Project back in 2009. BBZ names their patrons ‘Sibeerians’ BTW lol.


Spotted: Sibeerians at a BBZ Crazy Hour event! (Photo credit:


Now on its third year of operation, BBZ has been aggressive with their international expansion. On this year alone, BBZ has already reached a market in Guam and Singapore. On the second half of the year, they will target Hawaii, San Francisco as well as other Asian countries . They plan to branch out further to Korea, Japan, Australia and some parts of the US in 2012.


By the end of 2011, the the owners of BBZ plan to expand their outlets to 300 here in the Philippines and 100 in the international market.



The BBZ triumvirate (Photo credit:


Beer Below Zero is the brainchild of beer junkies and bar owners Luigi Nuñez, Vinson Co Say and Jay-jay Angala.It’s a 100% Filipino-owned-and-operated company.


The BBZ triumvirate hopes to get our support as fellow countrymen to make Philippines globally recognized as the country serving the coldest beers. I say why not, coconut? Winking smile


So go to your fave local hotspots in Manila and avail of these ‘Beer Below Zero’ beers. You just might find out that with BBZ, drinking beer will never be the same again!