Get a rush with these cute on-the-go Hawaiian snacks!

Spam snacks are always a fun treat. If you’re a fan of Spam, then you’re probably familiar with Spam musubi. It’s a Hawaiian snack that takes its roots from the Japanese onigiri. This portable and inexpensive snack is essentially grilled Spam on top of a block of rice wrapped with nori.

While it may look easy to recreate at home, you can enjoy this treat at your convenience! Musubi Rush, a newly-established food stall in Manila, offers Spam musubi and a lot more at such an affordable price.

Nestled in a small food spot in Sta. Mesa, Musubi Rush has a menu of a variety of musubi and rice bowls. They’ve got original Spam musubi, deep-fried Spam musubi, and spicy Spam musubi.

If you’re craving for some Spam goodness, you don’t have to drive all the way to Sta. Mesa if you’re not in the area. You can also have these savory treats delivered to your home!

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You can also try the different products from Musubi Rush such as their Spam fries and their silog meals. What’s great about Musubi Rush’s products is that they’re easy to move around, easy to eat, yet super tasty and filling! It’s an awesome snack slash full meal. If you’re craving for something savory and convenient for when you’re moving around, order your musubi treats from Musubi Rush.

Musubi Rush

3864 Pat. Antonio St. Sta. Mesa

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