LOOK: This country will give you PHP 275,500 if you get married

NBSB no more!

To address Japan’s low birth rate, the government devised a new support program that can be used to cover expenses like rent and various household costs. Thus, starting April 2021, couples who get married will receive up to 600,000 yen (around PHP 275,000) from participating local governments in Japan.

In a report by NextShark, only 865,000 babies were born in Japan. This is a low record for a country known as a “demographic time bomb”. And since as of July this year, only 281 municipalities have adopted the program, the central government stepped in and will shoulder two-thirds of the program’s cost for 2021.

Photo from Unsplash

Photo from Unsplash

Initially, the cut-off age was at 35, but according to a report by Kyodo News, this was extended. Also, newlyweds need to have a combined income of under 4.8 million yen (around PHP 2.24 million) to qualify for the 300,000 yen (around PHP 137,700) in aid.

But in a revised program come April 2021, the cut-off age has been extended to 40 max on the registered date of their marriage. Plus, the couple must have a combined income of under 5.4 million yen (around PHP 2.47 million) to qualify for the 600,000 yen aid (around PHP 275,000)

Under the current program, newlyweds under 35 with a combined income of under 4.8 million yen ($45,700) are eligible for up to 300,000 yen in aid. Next April, couples must be under 40 and have a combined income of under 5.4 million yen ($51,400) to qualify for a 600,000 yen aid.

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