LISTEN: Gerard Way Just Dropped FOUR New Songs So You Could Rock Out at Home

My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way just blessed us with the gift of new music while we’re all stuck quarantined at home. So get ready to thrash your bedrooms and bust out the eyeliner, because these songs are guaranteed to make you rock out!

my chemical romance gerard way rolling stoneSource: Rolling Stone

“Hey all, with all this uncertainty I just wanted to start uploading some unreleased stuff. Just so people can check it out and have something to listen to. Just felt like sharing,” the singer said on an Instagram post.

The four songs, all uploaded on his Soundcloud, feature a 14-second vocalization, a quick rock song, a 2-minute guitar riff, and a potential solo single.

Way continued: “I think I have a bunch of this stuff, as Doug and I have been recording little bits here and there over the years. Some of these, like “Phoning It In,” were things that I planned on releasing as singles, and I may still do that at some point when I finish them, but I figured why not. It feels good to share. Who knows if some of this stuff would have ever come out?”

“I’m calling all of this stuff Distraction Or Despair, since that seems to be the two things I keep shifting between. Probably a lot of other people too. But I think only some of the tracks are tied to an “album” of that name. I’m just winging it, keeping it casual. May add some notes to the tracks,” he added.

“Hope everyone is safe and healthy. Rock on.”

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Currently, Way’s reunion tour with My Chemical Romance has been put on hold amid the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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