Gerald Anderson Clears Julia Barretto of Blame in Breakup: “No one else was the reason”

After Gerald Anderson broke his silence on the ‘ghosting’ issue with Bea Alonzo, he went on to talk about the possible involvement of a third party in his decision. Speculation has been rife these past few weeks that the root of Gerald and Bea’s relationship problems was due to his cheating on her. Gossip placed Julia Barretto as the third party but both Gerald and Julia had kept quiet about the allegations — until now.

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Julia’s message to Bea Alonzo only just went public last night on her Instagram while Gerald cleared things up in an interview with ABS-CBN News’ Ganiel Krishnan. Aside from explaining that his relationship with Bea had reached the point of “fight after fight after fight” and that it had become unhealthy, he also denied any rumors of a third party.

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“Walang outside force, walang ibang tao ang naging dahilan ng breakup. Para sa akin, it’s always been our personal issues, things that we… Things inside our relationship [that caused the breakup],” Gerald stated. [There was no outside force, no other person that was the cause of our breakup. For me, it’s always been our personal issues, things that we… Things inside our relationship.]

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Gerald continues when pointedly asked if Julia played a part in the breakup: “No one else was the reason, the cause of the breakup.”

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