GEOPOTENTIAL 2022: BOUNDLESS – Into the realm of Possibilities

NEW ERA, NEW BEGINNINGS. GEOPOTENTIAL comes back this 2022, bigGEr than ever!

???????????? ???? presents ?????????: ???? ??? ????? ?? ?????????????, an educational and interactive webinar which aims to introduce and promote the field of ???????? ???????????? as a course of interest for junior senior high school students, and BS Geodetic Engineering students across the country.

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In its 5th installment, GEOPOTENTIAL will hold a series of talks by specialists in various fields to discuss the diverse opportunities one may encounter in the field of Geodetic Engineering that aims to feature the vast array of paths one can pursue in Geodetic Engineering, with an emphasis on: 

(1) Infrastructure Development, 

(2) Risk Reduction and Management, 

(3) Open-source Mapping,

(4) and Space Applications!


This event is under the 85th Anniversary of UP Department of Geodetic Engineering, with the initiative of UP Society of Geodetic Engineering Majors.