These Genki Sushi Dishes are Exclusively Available in the Philippines

Genki Sushi is the famous chain of conveyor belt sushi restaurants in Japan. They have already placed branches in various Asian countries like Singapore and Cambodia and in different states in the US like California and Hawaii.

For the Philippines, Genki Sushi already has six branches – Ayala Malls the 30th, Bonifacio Stopover, SM Aura Premier, SM City North EDSA, SM Megamall, and UP Town Center. If you have already dined at Genki Sushi in Japan, you’ll immediately notice the difference in price. The price point here in Manila is 2-3x more expensive. The team from Genki Sushi explain that this is because the majority of their ingredients/materials are sourced daily from Japan. Yes, you read that right – they ship the fish DAILY to maintain their freshness and quality.

Knowing its presence internationally, how lucky is the Philippines to have its own special and exclusive Genki Sushi dishes? These dishes were created by the local PH team and are inspired by Filipino cuisine. Of course, the ingredients are still mainly sourced from Japan.

Gumoku Chahan (Php190) – Japanese fried rice with egg, vegetables and topped with chunks of tuna, salmon and shrimp

Starting with a personal favorite, the not-so-greasy Japanese fried rice with seafood favorites is delicious and really tasty (especially the chunks). This dish is here just in time for the Lenten season.

Minced Pork (Php250) – Mix of minced pork belly, wasabi mayo and white onions, topped with tanugi, leeks and lemon slices

Resembling the Pinoy classic dish sisig, Genki Sushi’s new pork dish is super yummy. Unlike its inspiration, this dish is 100% made of pork belly.

Yakimeshi Chahan (Php170) – Japanese fried rice with egg, meat and vegetables

This dish may be a visual representation of the quote “simplicity at its finest”. It’s so simple that it can be paired with any cooked dish at Genki Sushi.

Minced Seafood (Php260) – Mix of minced salmon, tuna, shrimp, Sriracha mayo and white onions, topped with leeks, served with egg on the side

This is a seafood version of the minced pork, but spicier I’m not a fan of spicy food, but I ended up eating a lot of this with a spoonful of fried rice.

Japanese Tuna Adobo (Php180) – Tuna adobo with donburi rice, topped with Japanese mayo, corn kernel, nori strips and leeks

What’s surprising about this dish is that it looks like a normal sizzling adobo plate, but has garlic rice in the middle. The Japanese mayo helps in bringing out more flavor of the tuna.

Kyuri Unagi Udon (Php160)

Of course, Genki Sushi’s new dishes wouldn’t be complete without sushi on the list. This gunkan sushi features unagi, Japan’s famous food. The meat on top has an overwhelming taste to it, but the cucumber balances out the overall taste.

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Which of these dishes are you most excited to try?

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