GENIUS! These Food Jars are Saving Homeless Cats from Starving

These cat lovers are geniuses! They have come up with a simple way to keep the homeless cats at the UP-Ayala Technohub fed without causing a mess. They placed a number of bowls and food jars around the business center. Once the jars are empty, simply refill. They encourage those who wish to donate and feed the cats of Technohub to use the jars and bowls. They had to talk with the Technohub admin first, of course, and secure their agreement.

Check it out.

Most building and district admins can be quite antagonistic toward stray cats and the cat lovers who feed them because they end up having to clean up after everybody. But with this simple yet ingenious solution, these cat lovers are able to encourage donations of cat food and make sure the compassionate feeding of stray cats is done neatly.

Estela seems to also be happy about this.

 The Cats of Technohub is composed of employees from different companies situated in the UP-Ayala Technohub. Their mission is to spay and neuter all the cats in Technohub to control the stray cat population. They also feed the cats and look after their health and welfare.

They are not affiliated with the Technohub management and must source funds from their own salaries and from donors. The group also ties up with sponsors and other animal welfare groups to spay and neuter the cats.

You can help support their mission by donating. Click here.

What do you think of having food jars for stray pets in other districts and even barangays? Do you think it will work? Why not take initiative and contact your district authorities about this yourself? Get everyone to participate in animal welfare! Share your thoughts below!


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