General Leia’s Look in “The Last Jedi” Was Inspired By Queen Elizabeth II

When it comes to dressing a princess-turned-rebel force general, only a regal wardrobe would do. And so when Star Wars: The Last Jedi costume designer Michael Kaplan was tasked to come up with a bold new look for Carrie Fisher’s Leia Organa in the movie, he drew inspiration from a real-life female leader: Queen Elizabeth II.

Carrie Fisher The Last Jedi Leia Organa

With the help of director Rian Johnson, he developed a regal and commanding wardrobe for Leia.

According to Kaplan’s interview with Fashionista:

”Rian wanted her to look more regal… and more like a princess. So I thought capes were good, especially when she’s in the cave and on the battlefield. There are pictures of Queen Elizabeth II wearing a military cape that inspired me.

Kaplan also shared that the jewelry Carrie wore for The Last Jedi were all made in-house, to distinguish her character’s wardrobe from the rest of the franchise’s films.

“We made all the jewelry. She’s wearing one ring from Episode VII, but the rest of the jewelry is all new for Episode VIII.”

Kaplan and Rian wanted to ensure that there were “menacing elements” to Leia’s look, while maintaining its femininity.

He adds, “I wanted her to look as beautiful and regal as possible and I think the shape of the cloak she’s wearing is very Star Wars, but very elegant, as well.”

Truly a fitting wardrobe for what would be Carrie’s last film with the iconic franchise.

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