Gem’s Dessert Garden: 7 Things About The Newest Go-To Buffet Restaurant

Filipinos are known for being food lovers; our ears instantly perk up at the word “buffet.” The good news is that you don’t have to wait for a friend’s birthday party to stuff yourself with unlimited food.

This new eat-all-you-can dessert restaurant is sure to be your next go-to place for when you’re craving for an overload of sweets.

Here’s everything you need to know about the newest dessert buffet place in Caloocan: Gem’s Dessert Garden.

GEMS DESSERT GARDENGem’s Dessert Garden: the newest buffet place in Metro Manila

Gem’s Dessert Garden: 7 Things About The Newest Go-To Buffet Restaurant

7. It’s a passion project by women.

Gem’s Dessert Garden started out as a suggestion over dinner between three adventurous foodies. The place opened in July 16, 2016 after only a month and a half of construction.

Ms. Ethel Alimot, one of the owners, shared how they were all very hands-on with the construction of the restaurant—from the conceptualization of the interiors to shopping for wallpapers. She also told us that they treat this restaurant as a trophy for themselves, proving how women can do anything they put their minds to. (That’s girl power right there!)


The interior design reflects the personalities of the owners—very feminine and classy. The name of the place, ‘Gem’s Dessert Garden,’ actually came from the names of the owners: Ms. Mary Grace Crobalde, Ms. Ethel Alimot, and Ms. Melanie Mendoza.

Gem’s Dessert Garden has a relaxing ambiance that will make you want to slow down in the midst of fast-paced city life. It’s the perfect hangout place for foodie amigas.


6. Their desserts are top-of-the-line.

Gem’s Dessert Garden serves food from carefully chosen suppliers. They serve various kinds of premium cakes that are absolutely delicious.


They have blueberry cheesecake (which is one of the bestsellers), chocolate moist cake, mango cake, ube cake (also a bestseller)—name it and they probably have it. They also have cookies, butterscotch, brownies, buko pandan, coffee jelly, and a whole lot more.

This place is heaven for dessert lovers.


5. They have unlimited merienda, as well!

It’s not just about the sweets at Gem’s Dessert Garden. They also hold pasta days when they serve either carbonara or spaghetti prepared by their own cooks. They are truly the tastiest pasta dishes I’ve tasted in a while. They also have Filipino favourites, such as dynamite and cheese sticks.

Plus, if you’re craving for halo-halo this Christmas season, they have a build-your-own-halo-halo bar! They have a wide variety of halo-halo ingredients, so you can finally fulfill that dream of having more sahog than crushed ice in your halo-halo.


If you’re bringing your kids with you, you are in for a treat because they also have unlimited ice cream complete with toppings of mini mallows, chocolates, and candies! Just prepare for your kids’ inevitable sugar rush.


4. Their drinks are superb.

They have free-flowing drinks that are both unique and refreshing. Their cucumber juice is one of the best I’ve tasted. They have unlimited milk tea, too, so there’s no need to go to expensive milk tea places anymore! You can just get it here – free-flowing.

They also serve hot tea and coffee for that after-buffet drink everybody needs.


3. They support local businesses.

Miss Ethel shared that the food they serve comes purely from Caloocan suppliers. All their cakes are freshly baked by stay-at-home moms. The pastries are baked daily by culinary students around Caloocan.

When you visit Gem’s Dessert Garden, you’re not just filling up your stomach for yourselves; you’re also supporting a good cause and helping local businesses thrive. That gives major plus points to a restaurant if you ask me!


2. They have KTV!


This is for the barkadas wanting to have a good time and have an unlimited supply of food. Gem’s Dessert Garden has an in-house videoke that customers can use at only 5 pesos per song. You might even catch one of their staff members perform a song or two.

Unlimited desserts plus videoke? It’s almost like a dream come true for every music-loving Filipino.


1. It’s super sulit!


This unlimited dessert and snack buffet only costs Php199 per head! They also have Happy Hour at 12-2pm from Mondays to Thursdays with a lower price of only Php156 per head.

It is highly recommended that customers reserve a table beforehand. The place can easily fill up, especially with the upcoming holidays.

You can reserve a table through their Facebook page. Just make sure that you arrive five minutes before your reserved time—customers can only stay for a maximum of two hours.

If you’re looking for a venue for a Christmas party or birthday, you can also reserve the whole place for two hours, as long as there are 25 people in your party.

GEMS DESSERT GARDENHeaven for dessert lovers!

Gem’s Dessert Garden is the next big thing for eat-all-you-can restaurants in Metro Manila. It could very well be the next gimmick place for your dessert-loving barkada, or just a place to hangout with your amigas.

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This place is a definite must-try for everyone, especially for us food-loving Filipinos. Forget about that diet! Head on to Gem’s Dessert Garden and give in to the sweet temptation.

Gem’s Dessert Garden

2nd floor Plaza Filipino Bldg.,, General Luna St.corner Libis Espina St. Caloocan (near Caloocan City Hall)


(Special thanks to Anj Merced, Glenn Chua, and Nemu Domingo for assisting with this feature)