Geek out on Christmas day! 5 Gift ideas for the geek in your life

With only a few weeks to Christmas, gift-shopping has now definitely picked up the pace. Taking a look at your Christmas list is already daunting but when it comes to that friend/relative who has a special love for a certain show or franchise, you might just start breaking a sweat. Despite the plethora of very busy holiday sales and the shuffling of shoppers, it seems impossible to find something just for the geek in your life. I know the difficulties of scouring malls to try and find a gift for the Potterhead best friend or the long-time Star Wars fan brother and ending up empty-handed at the end of the day. Fear not! Here are some suggestions from a fellow gift-giving enthusiast and self-proclaimed expert (keyword: self-proclaimed) at buying gifts for your beloved geeks.

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5. Geekerie Shirts

Want to time travel but the TARDIS is too big and clunky? How about a portable one? Geekerie has just the thing for you in t-shirt form, as well as countless other Doctor Who goodies. From sonic screwdrivers to Dalek Bluetooth speakers, it’ll be easy to spoil your Doctor Who fans this Christmas. Their eyes will definitely light up at the sight of their favorite bright blue TARDIS underneath all that wrapping paper. Just make sure they don’t go on any time travel adventures without you!

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The Geekerie is a great place to pick up even the most unheard of items in all of Westeros. Whether you want to surprise your friend with a blood-spattered t-shirt fit for a Red Wedding or give them their own Stark pendant to legitimize their place in the Kingdom in the North, this geek haven’s got it for you.

Calling all Star Wars fans! Come to the dark side of the force with the Darth Vader mug and Stormtrooper mug, just in time for The Last Jedi! Order yours now!

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4. The Foolery

If the force is strong with your loved one, look no further than these mugs from The Foolery! They’re the perfect treat for the friend or relative gearing up to watch the latest addition to the series this December. While you’re waiting for The Last Jedi to hit cinemas, why not kick back and fill up your cups with some hot chocolate as you binge-watch the other installments and revisit the galaxy far, far away.

— Products shown: Starry Night Lamp.

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Maybe your friend is the type to completely immerse themselves in the experience. Give them the whole galaxy while you’re at it! The Foolery also has star lamps and moon lamps to go with those fantastic new mugs. Your loved one is sure to use it every night and blink up at all the stars on the ceiling before they go to sleep.

Posted by The Potter Heritage on Friday, 8 September 2017

3. The Potter Heritage

For the Potterhead in your life, why not a time turner or even a replica wand? If your loved one is still mourning the very very belated delivery of their Hogwarts letter (I still am!), why not gift them with their own notebook reminiscent of Newt Scamander’s journal so they can show it off after the Christmas break? If not, something more subtle like a snitch bracelet or necklace should also do the trick. The Potter Heritage has no shortage of Potter-related goodies, all of them paying homage to the books and movies that have shaped so many of our childhoods.

From house scarves to trinkets to even your own tickets to Platform 9 3/4, you’re sure to snag something for the Harry Potter lover. So while they can’t make anything levitate at the flourish of their wands, they will definitely have their own magical moment when they find something that feeds their fandom love. The Potter Heritage is the place to go for those with lightning still in their eyes after all this time (always).

2. Sumafo

For your friend who has immersed themselves in the world of Japanese anime, have them deck out their phones with these sleek and stylish made-to-order phone cases from Sumafo! They’re particularly popular for their jersey phone cases, inspired by the sudden wave of sports anime that has taken the world by storm. Your loved one can definitely emblazon their gadget with their favorite character’s jersey number.

2 days before #sharesumafo ends! We'd love to see your photos with your #sumafocases ❤️

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Their cute designs are also very smart and minimalist. Usually, they’re patterned after iconic character clothing so dressing up your phone has never been easier. Whether you feel the powerful femininity of Sailor Moon’s signature ribboned uniform or you much prefer to don the confidence of your favorite Nekoma volleyball player’s jersey, Sumafo’s got you covered.

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1. Hatah Hatah

Maybe your friend still dreams of catching ’em all–they’re not alone. So while they’re out and about beating gym leaders and making names for themselves, why not make sure they do it in style? These hats from Hatah Hatah are sure to be a hit! If your loved one isn’t looking to be a Pokemon master, don’t worry–Hatah Hatah’s got a variety of headwear. Maybe Super Mario or Deadpool is more their jam! Whatever it is, Hatah Hatah’s got you (and your head) covered.

Some of our on-hand hats this coming Cosplay Mania 2017 (OFFICIAL) Sep 30 – Oct 1SMX Convention Center, PasaySM…

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If there’s a certain cat that has stolen your friend’s heart in Neko Atsume, Hatah Hatah’s here to help them pay homage to that friendly feline. Or how about ponies or unicorns? Or just a sweet panda? These adorable fleece creations are sure to make a statement everywhere you go.

We hope that whatever you get for them, your loved ones will be clutching their new gift with gusto, wrapping paper strewn on the floor, and a look on their face that has them thinking if this is some sort of Christmas miracle. It’ll be extra special for them knowing you gave them extra thought this holiday season.

How about you? What are your gift ideas for your loved ones? Let us know!


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