GDG DevFest Philippines 2017

Carrying this year’s mission of transforming the skills of every Filipino developer to a world-class talent, GDG Philippines invited experts in Android, Web, and Cloud technologies to impart knowledge to our participants in a series of workshops and sessions.

Topics about designing, developing, and distributing technology will be discussed in the upcoming October event. Hands-on activities during codelabs sessions are also expected to test the developer side of yours, that includes our Tech booths that will allow you to experience the latest gadgets and apps.

Present at last year’s DevFest was Sami Kizilbash, a representative from Google. Kizilbash was one of the keynote speakers at the event. Mete Atamel, also from Google, talked about Google Cloud Platform to the participants of the technology conference.

Out of 640 DevFest attendees, 204 of them participated in our Codelab session. They were engaged to a do-it-your-own, gamified approach to their respective Codelabs. At the end of the day, awards were given to the highest scorers for Web, Firebase, Android, Virtual Reality, and Cloud developer.

Devfest Philippines 2016 was a success and a start of innovation from the team itself extending it to the attendees. This 2017, GDG Philippines, and as part of its 10th-year celebration, will intensify everything. It will be 10x bigger, better and bolder.

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