Ganso-Shabuway Pimps Out Your Hotpot Dinner with New Menu Items


Ganso-Shabuway Hotpot


When in Manila, Ganso-Shabuway now offers more than their usual hot pot fare to entice your Oriental taste buds. The contemporary Japanese restaurant has recently launched an exciting new array of Japanese dishes that are definitely worth a try, from their own renditions of favorites such as Beef Yakiniku and Chicken Karaage, to some unique new items like their Nasu Miso Itame.  On one particularly rainy solo mission (note: without my trusty photographer Hannah) I got to sample Ganso-Shabuway’s newest offerings. I present to you my iPhone’s best work thus far.



 Beef Gyoza (Php 228.00)


 Beef Wonton (Php 228.00)


For starters, Ganso-Shabuway whets your appetite with some well-loved Beef Wonton and Gyoza; deep-fried and pan-fried dumplings stuffed with beef, pork, mixed vegetables and mushrooms. Their crunchy wrapping wasn’t the least bit greasy, and made way for flavorful stuffing.


 Nasu Miso Itame (Php 338.00)


Perhaps the most exciting dish I had that night, their Nasu Miso Itame provides the perfect mix of tofu and eggplant textures with a rich yet light Miso sauce. It consists of miso-glazed eggplant served on a bed of silky tofu topped with sesame seeds. Now I’ve had my reservations about eggplant, but what I thought to be a slimy and stringy encounter turned out to be a combo of smooth and tender consistencies laden with tart Miso flavors.


 Chicken Karaage (Php 258.00)


Ganso-Shabuway’s Chicken Karaage is equal parts juicy and crispy; Japanese-style fried chicken served over squash. This dish can stand alone sans dip, with its soy and ginger flavors well accentuated by a tangy lemon squeeze.


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