Gandiva Archery Bullseye Challenge: Hit the Bullseye and Get Your Money Back!


1. The game is open to archery trial package players. (P980 & P680 rates only.)

2. Promo is available Mondays to Sundays from Oct. 15 to Nov. 6, 2015. Priority will be given to early reservations with advise of doing the challenge.

3. Rescheduling is allowed at least 1-day apart from the original schedule.

4. Challenger/s who made a reservation is/are required to come in 15 minutes earlier. Late comers will have to wait for the next available slot.

5. Walk ins are also welcome to play as long as they will advise cashier/coaches that they will play the ‪#‎GandivaChallege.

6. Target paper are either zombie or classic.

7. Only Gandiva coaches shall determine if you hit the bull’s eye:

Prizes are as follows:
• 3 hits =  3pcs. of 40% off GCs usable upon return.
• 7 hits= P500 GC usable upon return.
• 12 hits = 50% money back on your archery trial fee. (From P980 to P490 or P680 to P340)
*It is not necessary to hit the bull’s eye in order.

No verbal or written advise before playing means no entitlement to the challenge prizes.

Players are encouraged to take a selfie or video of the hit bull’s eye with captions of challenging their friends to do the same game at Gandiva.

Official ‪#‎GandivaChallenge hashtag must also be used.
Winning photos will win a special prize and will be notified via SMS.