Gan Gourmand: Family Recipes Passed Down Through Generations

Since we are all staying at home, many of us had unlocked a new skill in cooking or baking. We all went through our recipe books to prepare special meals for our families. But wouldn’t it be nice to taste other recipes that were tried and tested by others too?

Gan Gourmand prides themselves on their family recipes that were passed down through generations. Now they are sharing these recipes through their Instagram shop where they sell pastries, ready to eat, and ready to cook food.

A proud team of mom and 2 daughters, Gan Gourmand makes sure that everything that is prepared in their kitchen is made with love.

One of the ready-to-eat foods that we tried is the Kiampeng and Pork Chop Rice which are both available in small (2-3pax) or medium (4-5 pax) sizes. I loved their Kiampeng which reminded me of how my grandmother used to make. It is very generous with the chorizo, pork, and mushrooms. You wouldn’t need “ulam” to go along with it.

The Pork Chop Rice on the other hand was cooked to perfection. The pork was tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. The rice that goes with it has vegetables in it which is great for kids like my 11-year-old brother who didn’t mind eating the veggies since the rice was very flavorful.

We were also lucky to try their ready-to-cook dishes like the Chicken Mushroom and Garlic Spare Ribs. They are both easy to cook since the packaging has quick instructions on how to prepare them.

To finish off your tasty meals, you can also try their pastries like cupcakes, cheesecake, banana bread, and lactation treats like brownies and cookies.

You don’t have to worry, even if you are not breastfeeding, lactating treats are delicious and packed with superfood ingredients that are good for the body.

If you are looking to try great food to share with your family, check out Gan Gourmand.

Gan Gourmand

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