Gamer wins $2 million in Fortnite tournament even after his mom threw his Xbox away

A teenage boy from Essex, Jaden Ashman or Wolfiez in the game, will split the $2.25 million (£1.8 million) prize money for the Fortnite World Cup with his Dutch playing partner, Dave Jong, known as Rojo.

Apparently, success didn’t come easy to Ashman.

Lisa Dallman, Ashman’s mother, said in an interview with the BBC that she and her son used to have arguments at home because his grades in school were affected by his gaming. She even threw out an Xbox after a heated discussion but she has now accepted Ashman’s career choice as an esports player.

Despite getting scolded frequently before for playing games, Ashman plans to get his mom a new house. He also wants to buy her “some Gucci shoes” and “a car for my mum too, as she drives a little Fiat 500.”

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