Gamecon 2017 is Coming, and All Things Gaming Will Be There!

There’s no getting around it: games are fun. Which is why they are everywhere. They’re on your TV, in your PC, and on your phone. If you need any proof that gaming is no longer a pastime but a lifestyle, you might want to head to Gamecon Philippines 2017, where you’ll get your gaming itch scratchedand much, much more.


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But what exactly is there to see? Well, there’s a lotand by that we mean it doesn’t really make much of a difference of what game you like. Gamecon Philippines is all about games—not just playing, but developing, building, or even just watching them. If you like playing games, Gamecon will be the place for you.

Here’s what you can expect out of the event:

Gaming wouldn’t be complete without the creatives (and yes, perhaps sometimes crazy people) who bring our favorite past times to life. If that sounds like the kind of thing you’re into, you can join the various plenaries and workshops dedicated to the rise of the Philippine Gaming Industry.


If you’ve ever wanted to meet the game developers you look up to, here’s your chance. There will be speakers and panel discussions with Alvin Juban, Mariceb Balisacan, and JD Abenaza. Who knows, you could pick up something useful and start on your own game not long after.

For board game fans, there will be plenty of exhibits and shops that can satisfy that constitution check craving you’ve had for a while! There will different kinds of board games, card games, and other table top sellers, exhibitors, and companies that will show you the ropes. (And possibly help you perfect activating trap cards.)


Looking for a little competitive spirit? Gamecon has you covered with that as well. There will be cosplay competitions, e-sports events (including the Mobile Legends tournament), show matches, and game art contests. We’re personally excited to see the Robo Rumble, because clashing together two machines to see who wins is something every person who’s played with a toy can relate to.

And for those who wish to see (or use) the Force, there’s the X-Wing Miniatures Games that’ll see the winner between the Empire or the Rebellion.


Of course, no gaming event would be complete without the exhibits. From virtual reality to robotics, there will be merchandise, gadgets, and accessories that you can browse and shop to your heart’s contentjust be careful of how much you spend, because there’ll be a lot of good stuff to buy for any gamer.

So what are you waiting for? Tickets and registration for exhibits and workshops are available at their site at You can also follow them at Twitter and/or Facebook @gameconph, or contact 0917 9048777 and 0920 9734926. We’ll see you then. And remember, have fun!


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