GAME: Maybe You’ve Already Caught a Ditto, You Just Didn’t Know Yet

“Andito na si Ditto…”

Finally, looks like Pokemon Go has released its last non-legendary Pokemon, Ditto, out of the original 151.

Ditto is a Pokemon that can take on the form and abilities of another Pokemon that it is battling with.

According to Polygon, players began reporting that they noticed Ditto after catching a normal, low-level Pokemon such as Pidgey, Rattata, or Zubat. After catching any of these, the Pokemon transformed to Ditto.

Based from reports and photos, Ditto seem to be not region-locked. This means that it can be caught anywhere in the world. Apparently, Pokemon Go players from Sweden, Australia, and the United States have posted about Dittos that they have caught.


Photo from Niantic

Maybe you’ve already caught a Ditto, you just didn’t know it yet.

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