Gabriela Releases Statement On “Womanizing” Duterte

Digong is making headlines after another.


While some fans may not be fazed by Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s revelations, not everyone is happy. Just after he admitted to being a “womanizer” at a concert, women’s party Gabriela released a statement on Mayor Duterte’s admission of his exploits.

In a press release they issued on their website, Gabriela contended that Mayor Duterte’s statements, that “denigrate women run counter with Gabriela and Gabriela Women’s Party’s principle of upholding respect for women”.

The women’s party also further stated: “Womanizing and treating women as objects are an affront to women and it should not be flaunted. These reek of machismo, reinforces the society’s low regard of women and consequently increases women’s vulnerability to violence and abuse.”

Here is the full statement below:

Gabriela Women's Party releases statement Duterte womanizer

You may read the original post on their website here.

Do you agree with Gabriela’s statement? Or are you unfazed by Duterte’s admissions?