Gab Valenciano on Haters: Come at Me With Your Garbage, I Will Retaliate With my Education

After being a subject of ridicule from some Duterte supporters who opposed Gab Valenciano’s opinion against presidential hopeful, Rodrigo Duterte, he shared on his Facebook page that he did not mean for his status to be shared all over social media. He said that he wanted to go head-to-head with the commenters but he was disappointed how some only talked about his physical appearance or something wildly irrelevant to the issue at hand. He also is thankful for the valid and relevant comments. He took these into consideration.

Direct Quote:

Dear People.

I woke up today with a barrage of messages over all my social media accounts, attacking not just my personal opinion, but my humanity as well.

Apparently, my Facebook status was featured and shared online (which was never my intention) and that’s where the backlash started. I would have loved to indulge in constructive arguments with people and go head to head on this issue, instead, they talk about how ugly I am, how I’m using this issue to boost my popularity, how I’m just desperately looking for attention because I don’t have a career anymore AND how I was never fit for show business. Wait, what? WHAT? I find it quite amusing. It doesn’t stop there. The list goes on and on and the comments go insanely low. I am not saying all this for pity, instead, for people to gain a certain level of consciousness of the current educational and mental state of the country. Now, not every comment was irrelevant. There were a couple of issues brought up and definitely made a lot of sense, but at this point, it wasn’t worth the participation anymore.

It’s sad. Heartbreaking even. Not necessarily with what they were saying about my personal life (since I’ve heard all that over and over before anyway), but seeing how real people who live real lives think and feel nowadays. It’s scary. It’s scary seeing where Filipinos stand culturally, socially, spiritually and mentally. What happened. What the heck happened. It’s deeper than just haters. It’s deeper than just trolls. These are actual people. The country is known to have a very shallow social media presence, but what about disgraceful, distasteful, uneducated, disrespectful and ignorant?

I commend everyone who gave valid comments and arguments on my original post. Because you actually are for the advancement of our country and are educated enough to know how to handle opposition.

I stood up and spoke out for what I believe in, and I will not apologize nor back down. So come at me with your garbage, and I will retaliate with my education.

What do you think of Gab’s response to his commenters?

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