#FYP: The Virtual Concert

The Bedan Dance Theatre started from a group of college students that shared one mission to establish an organization to showcase their love for dance in the Bedan community who have but one passion and have continued to create homegrown and talented individuals in the dance community.

With the reign of modern times where dance is the world’s medium of expression. The organization was inspired by numerous people who have turned to dance as their safe space, despite the crisis that we are in, and have decided to conduct our very first virtual concert.


FYP stands for “for you page”, which was inspired by the Tiktok app that has been a trend during the pandemic. Tiktok is a platform where users create their own content, dance challenges, pov’s, tutorials to provide entertainment and be entertained as well, and in a way, served as a coping mechanism for people during the quarantine. BDT aims to provide entertainment as they showcase their talents through different performances inspired by Tiktok trends. The concert will include performances from BDT, Residance mentees, and guests such as TPM, Shawn Castro, LSDC-Street, Indayog and many more. Don’t miss out, be entertained, and Join BDT on April 17, 2021 7PM via Youtube live as they hold their first ever virtual concert #FYP: The Virtual Concert. 

Facebook: BedanDanceTheatre

Instagram: @bedandancethatre

Twitter: @BDT_SanBeda

Youtube: bedandancetheatre