FUNNY: This Woman’s Husband Forgot His Wedding Ring And Her Response Was Hilarious!

If you’ve been in a relationship, you’d know that dealing with your significant other’s forgetfulness would mean having a few options of how to respond. You could either let it go easily or deal with it the hard way.

A wife shows one way of how to respond to a husband’s forgetfulness.

Carla Barriga shares the story on Facebook. She said that her husband forgot to wear his wedding ring one morning. Instead of starting a fight with him (which is what she would usually do, she claims), she sent him a ‘formal’ Notice To Explain e-mail.

Carla posted screenshots of this e-mail on Facebook:

facebook post 2Photo from Carla Barriga

In the e-mail, Carla writes:

From: Mrs. Carla Joyce Anne Barriga

Please be advised that I’ve received an incident report that on April 3, 2017 you forgot to bring your wedding ring.

This is a violation of your wife’s Code of Discipline. Based on our handbook, the first offense may be given a disciplinary action of Hair Color for your wife at Regati Cut n Care Salon.

Please submit your explanation within 24 hours.

This will give you an opportunity to explain and defend yourself and provides you due process. Failure to submit within the timeline provided means you have waived your right to be heard and management may make a decision.

LMK if you have questions.

Her husband was quick to respond.

facebook postPhoto from Carla Barriga

In his reply, Carla’s husband replies:

Hi Carla Barriga,

In regards to the violation stated below, i do accept the fact that it was my fault since i was in a hurry and i was almost late for word and i’ve only noticed that i forgot to wear it when I was already in the jeepney. I will accept all sanction that you will provide and promise that it wont happen again.

Hoping for your kind consideration.

P.S. Eventhough i forgot to wear my wedding ring for a day, in my heart, i know i am and will always be your forever husband.

Ranji Barriga your Husband

Wasn’t that just as sweet as sugar?

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Carla shares with that her husband was used to sending this type of email to his agents back when he was still a team manager. She thought that it would be funny if he’ll experience it, too.

It seems like it wasn’t just his husband who found it funny, but even the 19,000 people who liked her post on Facebook. Many applauded her unique way of dealing with the situation, while others called it ‘relationship goals’ because of the cute and loving exchange. A lot actually took note of it and planned to try it with their own significant others.

Carla says that her husband’s ‘sanction’ is scheduled next week.

This couple is so cute! I wonder what else these two has in store when one of them forgets something else.

What did you think of this couple’s story? How do you deal with your SO’s forgetfulness? Share it with us below!