FUNNY: These “Pare, Pulis Ako” Memes Just Keep Getting Better And Better

The awakening of the Pinoy masses regarding intellectual property has brought us local cinema’s greatest gift to mankind: Derek Ramsey’s “Pare, pulis ako” infomercial. Said commercial featured Ramsey as a serious, no b*llsh*t policeman with a left handed (??) policewoman sidekick in the process of apprehending a sinister video pirate. In the process, they wasted many a tomato, but this is all in a day’s work to fight crime and end video piracy.

An attempt at educating the public on the evils of piracy has gained notorious online fame after tons of amusing memes on it popped up on social media. Here are my new favorites:

pare pulis ako

pare pulis ako1

pare pulis ako2

pare pulis ako3

pare pulis ako4

Source: Y&R Philippines

What do you think about this? Which one is your favorite “Pulis ako” meme?